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  1. I have an update from last week. Things were getting better, Pixie was letting everyone tickle his head, and was stepping up onto our arms...still not our hands though. Then after being with us for 6 days, he started to sit on the bottom of his cage, only getting onto his perch to eat. Still coming up to us to pet him through the bars. He comes out for 45 mins each day, he even climbed on my daughters shoulder and played with her hair. While he was on my sons arm, i was tickling his head and i even kissed him in the head and beak...things were going great. Then yesterday when i let him out...still prefering the top of the curtains, he eventually came down to the top of the sofa. Each time we went near him, he would shout (in parrot) at us and try to bite us. All the cute grunty baby noises have dissapeared....i thought he was having an off day. We had to get him back in his cage on a perch as he would not let us near him to touch him or get on our arms. Today he is worse, he wont let me near him by the cage, he growls andhe shouts and lunges...even when he is calm he backs away, he wont let me tickle him and when i talk to him he turns his back. He is eating fine and drinking, he doesnt look ill...just doesnt seem to want any human company. He is almost 15 weeks old and i thought things would get so much better but it seems we have gone back to square one. Any advice please....as i really dont understand what has happened. Angie :cry:
  2. We have had a really good day today. Pixie is now bending his head for the whole family to tickle his head through the bars. He has been out this lunchtime, still the top of the curtains are his favourite. He walked across the back of the sofa and lets us tickle him while out, but he's still unsure if we try to put our hands by his feet...he flies away. He landed ontop of his cage and bent for us to pet him. Pixie is very taken with my 19 year old son, he stepped up onto his arm without any pursasion and sat there for a while, a few minutes later my son put him back into his cage. Now whenever my son leaves the room, pixie sqwawks for him to to come back into the room. He seems to be accepting us now, and with a little bit more time and patience i'm sure we will have him stepping up onto us for tickles and love. Angie
  3. OK we have made some progress today !! While Pixie was eating, bobbing his head in and out of his food pots, i began to stroke his head through the bars, he stopped in his tracks and began making all sorts of grunting baby sounds. He turned and i was ready for a bite, but instead he began mouthing my finger and i think he was trying to feed as he was bobbing up and down fast with my finger in his mouth. he kept bending his head for me to keep petting his head and neck all the time making grunty noises. This went on for a few minutes then he retreated up to his resting perch. It felt wonderful that he had let me stroke him and he had tried to feed off my finger. After i had my lunch and pixie had woke up again i put my hand into the cage this time, he didnt lunge at me, he opened his beak and began the grunty sounds again and bent his head for me to pet him !!! Great...i'm actually getting somewhere. I tried to put my hand under his feet, but that made him back away. So i opened the top of the cage and thought here goes !! I tilted the blinds and covered the mirror....he climbed up to the top of the cage and held on tightly and flapped his wings for ages....then took off......he flew the length of the living room and landed ontop of the curtain pelmets. Then he did another lap of the room, tried to land up on the curtains again but didnt get enough grip and dropped to the floor !!! Ouch....then he waddled around investigating. I had my treats prepared, so i got on the floor by him, placed afew in the palm of my hand and reached out to him. He took some tomato then off he waddled. He spent 15 minutes investigating on the floor. Each time i tried to get my flat hand by his feet he would just waddle off. To get him back into his cage, i got the perch from the top opening and put it under his belly...he stepped up straight away and i put hime back into the front opening of his cage. It may not have been a miracle, but i felt we took big steps today....he let me touch his head and he wasnt a problem out of the cage. I will try more contact with him later as he is worn out and fast asleep now. Angie
  4. Thanks for the advice kleopatra. I will try everything you have suggested. He does not step up, if you put your hand close to him inside the cage he growls, lunges, then backs off. i do not like to pressure him, so i leave him alone for a while after that reaction. He only seems calm while eating. If on his resting perch, he fluffs his head and neck feathers up and starts backing away. His eyes are black pupils and dark grey almost black around the edge, i have read a few books and i can see he is a baby also the white feathers around his face you can see the pinkish skin underneath. I have had experience with an african grey before, 12 years ago when i was married to my ex. Our then baby was hand reared and cuddles and kisses were a plenty. Unfortunatley when we split, i left my ex and he kept everything including the pets. So i was a bit worried when pixie didnt react the same way. I am prepared to put in the hard work and the time, but you hear of AG's being the most nervous and i dont want to stress him out and force myself on him. Angie
  5. I will let him out later and report what happens. Im also worried that if he comes out and doesnt want to go back in, it will stress him when i try to get him to go back in his cage and destroy the little bit of confidence he has. I have just noticed as he is eating his breakfast, he doesnt back off when he's eating. His feathers are all down smooth, he listens to whatever i say and takes fruit from me through the bars. I have so much love and attention to give to him, i just hope he wants it. I will be patient and go at Pixies pace. Angie
  6. Hi, can anyone offer me advice. I bought my new 13 week old African Grey baby home on Saturday. He loved his cage, went straight to his toys and even ate out of his fitted food potts rather than the ones i had put on the bottom of his cage for him. I left him to settle and get used to his new surroundings. Each time anyone approached his cage he would growl and back off. The next day while he was eating from his food potts i offered him several bits of food through the bars which he took off me very gently. but once back on his resting perch he would back off or even lunge at me if i approached him. We do keep going up to the cage and softly talking to him, the growling has now stopped, but he does still move away from the bars. I have even tried to put my hand close to him inside the cage, he lunged at me a few times then jumped away to the other side of the cage. Im not sure if its because we are different to the couple who reared him or i have a very nervous baby. I have accepted the fact that this is going to be hard work and wondered if you all had great tips on gaining Pixie's trust in me without stressing him out. :roll:
  7. Thankyou for the warm welcome, i look forward to chatting to you all on this forum.
  8. I would just like to say hello, and i am so glad i have found this site. I found my baby african grey through this site and now i have him home i am sure this place will be great for information and help on being a good parent to Pixie our 13 week old African Grey. Regards Angie
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