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  1. i did get the link, but it wouldn't play! i'll have another go. and i'll have a look at the xmas tree link too. thanks.
  2. daft question alert! christmas trees. any advice please? cheers!
  3. you can see me on dads blog site. http://the-tranquility-of-solitude.blogspot.com/2007/09/scooter.html
  4. things are really great in my new home. i seem to be spending more time out of my little house than actually in it! i have full use of every room when the bad cat isn't around! dad even lets me come up stairs, and i now know how to get up an down on my own! but one of my favourite places has to be perched on the kitchen tap so i can look outside. either there or i climb through the blind in the front room and sit on the window handles! mum and dad got a bit panicky lately though, cos bad cat has brought some little unwanted visitors into the house, who seem to be biting them a lot and making them scratch, so i have had to be moved while they "bomb" the various rooms! it's like being on holiday! thats all for now, see you all soon. scooter. p.s. is there any way of my dad uploading videos so you can see me?
  5. hi, new here too, but what a friendly bunch they've been. whats a g.a.g.? told you i was new!
  6. ok, so here i go. my dad came to pick me up on saturday, and took me home. it was pretty starnge being in a new house, but they left me in my new house for a while to get used to the surroundings. here it is, it's bigger than the one i shared with my brothers and sisters! lucky little girl aren't i? when my dad did let me out he was all fussy with me, and i think he was more excited than i was! my mum seems to be friendly too, but at first the boy of the house didn't seem too impressed. too busy with his new hamster i think! dad even let me help when he was on the computer but my spelling isn't too great at the moment so i'm dictating this to him. the boy finally seemed to come round to me, and now we are best of freinds although he aisn't keen when i land on his head or flap a lot! thats all for now...daddies here and he's got me some grapes! bye.
  7. whats the best way to reply to people that tell me it is cruel to have a bird and cage them. (even though she probably spends as much time out of her cage as she does in it.) i haven't had this argument yet, but i know it will come from certain areas.
  8. wow! so many friendly folk! just to say, scooter is now insured. and my lad has got over his initial fears.
  9. sorry, she!!! her hatch date was 09/05/07. she's the darling of the house now. noisy when ignored, but seeing as that aint happening much....
  10. blimey! that was quick.here we go, me with scooter!
  11. got my black headed caique this weekend after a long long wait, but boy was it worth it. thought i'd check out some places for reference and you guys came up. now i at least know i have somewhere to come if i have any questions. i'll work out how to put a picture up and do so soon. ttfn.
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