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  1. So a nice firm "no" without hurting them should soon work? Thank you.. so far it seems to make sense.
  2. I don't know if I am doing things right but getting my two conures to allow me to stroke them is fairly hard. I believe they trust me as they come onto me (my head and shoulders) they always seek attention, so some trust is there. Am I going to just have to let them bite me? It hurts!! lol... I have seen a lot of you tube video's and read a lot online about it, but that's not working. when I had to take one to the vet, we had to catch him/her with a cloth, when I was holding him/her she was fine and loved me stroking him/her who fell asleep. That's the only time I think they will like it. Any advice?
  3. Thanks guys. I should get them checked for DNA, but would you say not to mate them just incase they are brother and sister? Is that wrong?
  4. Hi, I have two green cheek conures who were meant to be brother and sister... now due to thier characteristics I am unsure if they are. What they do is pretty much try to mate even though I don't know their sex. They are almost 12 months old, and always been very close together, even share food via bobbing their heads to bring their food back up lol. If these birds are not related, what age should be adequate to mate? Also, any ideas why they are "rubbing bums" together (mate) if they are related, and is this dangerous to mate this way for them; should they be seperated or allowed to continue this behaviour? Lastly, how do I know when they are "in-season" to mate?
  5. This sunday we're picking up our babies; green cheaked conure and cinnamon conure, and i was just wondering, do they need and yearly jabs? Kristy
  6. Thank you While, I have some attention. Anyone know much about breeding conures? Is it easy othe than the amount of time it takes? (i won't be doing this for a couple of years yet atleast) Thank you. Paul & Kristy.
  7. That makes sense. Thanks for the extra info, it's very much appreciated
  8. Thank you for the warm welcome!! I like this site a lot, it has everything pretty much covered. I have been doing so much research on these guys before buying and after. Do they all bite to some degree though? Is there a best way to prevent this? I have heard 1, say "no" not too loud! but firm, then put them back in their cage for a minute. 2, have a chewing toy ready lol. (I am still waiting to get them, it will be here this sunday, can't wait). Paul & Kristy
  9. Hi, I'm Kristy, with my husband Paul and we are new to the forum. We just bought a pair of green cheeked conures and we can't wait to take them home next week! We've decided to name the green one Kiwi and the cinnamon one Cinnamon, lol. Kiwi is my husbands and Cinnamon is my 21st birthday present! hehe. Here are a couple pics! Cinnamon! Kiwi and Cinnamon!
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