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  1. Hi all, Had a really upsetting couple of days. We got Chewie a whole bunch of new toys, shreddy things, interesting foods etc etc etc a couple of weeks ago and he has barely touched them. He ocassionally nudges them with his beak on passing, but he seems to not really want to play with them. He has never been into playing with his toys very much, so I didn't really expect him to be really into them - more than this would have been nice though. I got a bitter tasting spray (especially for parrots) which he HATES. It's really upsetting to see him that distressed twice a day. This morning he flew all the way out of the living room up the stairs along the hallway and hid in our bedroom. He is NOT a parrot who likes to fly, so that was upsetting for us. The last two days he has gone to town on his tummy. It was nearly all there two days ago, and now he is nearly completely naked on his chest. This is with him being sprayed two or three times a day. It's so hard for me to understand, because he is doted on and always has been. I come home from work every lunch time to see them just as normal, and they have the same food and a good rotation of toys. I am considering fitting him with a collar made of plumbers foam pipe covering. I guess I'm just feeling really rubbish and down about it all at the moment. xxx
  2. They may have been loose for moulting in any case and she just dislodged them! My dad's bird Pip who is also a Sennie lost ALL her tail feathers but one when she moulted last year!! She looked so silly. xxx
  3. Lol at Aqua and Jinpei reaching round for treats! We have the same basketball gym for the birdies :-) Indiana was about 4 months old when he learnt to say "good boy" and "hello". Our other bird, Chewie, is a very very talkative quaker. I think that encouraged him because he had the repetition from Chewie. xxx
  4. I don't know how clever they ACTUALLY are, but Indiana my green cheek is smart as heck!!!! He knows about 20 words/phrases, he knows how to "gimme four!" and is generally quite bright. He picks things up very quickly, like how to flick the laptop keys off, and always waits for tea to get cool before he steals it lol. He's a smart boy. I'd say just spend as much as you can on interesting toys, conures seem to be completely into everything! xxx
  5. It's not just me going bananas then!! Indiana smells like SOAP! I always just assumed its because he is a very very clean parrot, he bathes every day and grooms himself to perfection! xxx
  6. Thank you Freddie. That was like a hug. Chewie is about 18 months old, and come to think of it has recently started some "adult behaviour". He gets a bit amorous with his bed, and has become very very possesive of Nick on occassion. It could be hormonal. Thanks once more for the support, I'll have a read of your thread. xxx
  7. I've finally just been able to have a little cry, but my dearly beloved Quaker, Chewie, has started plucking his feathers :-( He has a completely bald bum and some very small (5p sized) patches of just down on his tummy. I've spent all day trying to figure out what might be making him pluck. He has company (Indiana, the monkeybum conure) in the cage next to him. He has a varied toybox, and gets his toys rotated. He has plenty of out time with me and my partner. We haven't changed his food, moved his cage or introduced anything new into the room. The only thing I can think of is that my other half, who was unemployed for a few weeks, has now got a job. Chewie is REALLY attached to Nick, so do you think Chewie is pining for him?? I come home every lunch time to keep the babies company, so they are very very rarely on their own for more than 4 hours. I've placed a Northern Parrots order of some fun and exciting new toys, mostly puzzles and shreddy things. I've seen an anti chewing/plucking spray thats safe according to the bottle. Could anyone tell me more about it?? I have also read that you can make a soft collar to stop him reaching, is that a bit extreme? I've read through most of the things I can find here, but I'm really worried. I have also seen Rescue Remedy recommended. I have this for myself, is it really safe for him too?? I'm so sorry about the long and probably whiny post, I really just want him to be a happy boy again. xxx
  8. Hmmm. I think he may just be a student who needs a parrot for his movie!! Students will ALWAYS try and do things on the cheap lol. Still, if you aren't comfortable, don't do it. Instict should give you a clue!! If he is foreign he may not be fully aware of laws regarding animals etc over here. Just saying, I think its perhaps a tad harsh to condemn him if none of us know him lol. xxx PS - Instict!! Go with your gut!!
  9. Indiana and Chewie will let you do pretty much anything you like. Especially Chewie - you can spread his wings out and hold him in your hand and hold him like a baby. He just sits there and lets you. Indy is slightly less tolerant because if he doesn't WANT to be picked up, theres no way you will pick him up! I tend to pick him up by his body and let his toes dangle down when we are playing, but when I scoop him up to move him/put him away/anything like that i get hold of his feeties too. xxx
  10. My Dad's Sennie often does this. I always wondered if it was just because she naps a lot or because she is warning you (she bites a lot). xxx
  11. My conure, Indy, is absolutely gorgeous and I wouldn't trade him for the world! He is a little monkeybum sometimes though. He teases our Quaker when he is out and the Quaker isn't, so we have to cover his cage. I wouldn't really recommend letting the conures near your grey because they are so dinky compared to greys. He has quite a pair of lungs, but only very occassionally does he really shout. He has learnt a few words, and a couple of little tricks too (gimme four! and he blows kisses on command) and is generally a pleasure to own. He is very snuggly and cuddly and just lovely! http://photos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-sf2p/v190/46/123/508136108/n508136108_610423_2610.jpg http://photos-e.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-sf2p/v190/46/123/508136108/n508136108_610428_3949.jpg Lovely, wonderful, happy little birds. Couldn't recommend them enough! xxx
  12. a) Green Cheek Conure Male (DNA sexed) c) left d) banana chips! a) Quaker Parrot Male (DNA sexed) c) right d) animal crackers!
  13. Hehe, thanks :-) Mylo's Mummy - I have really delicate skin, so prefer to use natural stuff on eczema. You just have to make sure you wash it off well rofl! xxx
  14. Ouch what a big boo-boo!!! What a brave girl though :-) Glad you both are ok, xxx
  15. Lol I've never had logging in problems. And goodness only knows whats happening with your post count!!! xxx
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