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  1. That is such a shame, my little fella brings me so much pleasure, he's so loving, and keeps me entertained for hours with his antics, better than anything on TV and his loving cuddles are to die for
  2. My Quaker is a dip beak in, then head right back and gulp it down kinda guy , but if the cold tap is running he will stick his beak under it sideways and lap away at it, and he will sit on top of the showerhead and reach under it to gently sip at the water coming from it , he also loves to drink up any water droplets that happen to be on my hand as well, but just the drops, he wont lick my hand if they're just wet :roll:
  3. I can only comment on the Quaker, as that is all I've owned, my little fella is a real character and is as happy in his cage playing with this toys as he is out of the cage spending time with me and the family, he can be a bit noisy at times, but it doesn't last for long, at the moment he is hanging upside down from his cage shaking a bell and telling it to 'stop it' he is always up to something and learns to say new words in no time at all. He wasn't hand tame when I got him, but it didn't take long for him to become tame, he learns things very quickly and I wouldn't swop him for all the tea in china
  4. Hi Jessica, I was just about to start a thread on here to try and get some advice for you, but you beat me too it Hope he starts eating soon
  5. Bijou, my Quaker is a little strange, he loves chillies, but only the dried ones, he wont touch the fresh, but, he'll only eat the dried chillies if he has soaked them in his water bowl for a couple of hours, he waits untill I give him fresh water, has a good drink, then goes over to his dish gets a couple of the dried chillies and sometimes some dried peppers, drops them in his water, the it's nearly always exactly 2 hours later he goes and gets them out and tucks into them one by one, then that's my que to change his water, but that's the nearest he gets to dunking anything
  6. I know that it must have been an awful time for your mum, but that has cheered me up no end, I think it's kinda sweet and quite funny, awww he really missed his mummy
  7. Hi, Can anyone tell me how many nuts, if any, it's ok to feed my Quaker, at the moment he's having tiny bits of a few, but loves them, the trouble is, is this harmfull to him, can he have more, or should I be carefull of nuts, he doesn't have peanuts at all, so far he's just has walnut, hazelnut a sliver of almond and a small bit of brazil nut, is this ok or should I cut down. Just to add, that he doesnt have this everyday. Thanks Christine
  8. Thanks Little Als Mum, don't no why it was so big :oops: , but there all a bit big compared to other pics I've seen on here
  9. Oh dear, they're a bit big, what did I do wrong ?
  10. I thought I'd post some pics of my little Quaker Parakeet, hope this is the right place to do it hope this works click this :arrow: http://i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc229/clmg_bucket/IMG_1774.jpg
  11. When I first knew I was going to get a parrot, I didn't know what sort, so started to go through boy and girl names from different parts of the world to try to find something different but nice, I spent hours doing this and writting down a huge long list that slowly got wittled down to a few of each, then when I finally decided for a girl it would be Akina, Kirana or Tiara or Paco or Trapper for a boy. Then this little fella came into my life and he was already named Bijou
  12. Thank you Stormbird, it has canary, linseed, Niger, Hemp, White & Red Millet, Peeled Oats and Safflowers in it.
  13. Hi all Yesterday I bought a Grass Parakeet seed mix, my Quaker loves it, it doesn't have many, if any Sunflower seeds in it, I was wondering if it's ok to give him larger quantitys of it, at the moment I've just given him about a teaspoon full, he also has fresh fruit and veg, and chillies and a variety of other stuff, along with a parakett seed mix. Thank you Christine
  14. Owww, but I WANT him, (stamps foot like a spoilt brat)
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