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  1. if you know what I mean (I take it you didn't then lol)
  2. Whos going to be right for my birdies? I mean I've looked on the rehome section and there are people who just come and on and put one post and nothing more... I mean I'm not going to offer them to someone on the basis that they say they can look after them! (IYKWIM) I want someone with birds to take them, someone with time for them and will treat them well and love there little noises and crazy antics.... maybe I'm looking in the wrong place I donno..... If anyone knows anyone who will love them pls let me know. If your in my area I'll even come to you with them, as long as you are right for them that is.
  3. Well here it is.... I can't tell you how much I have cried and cried over this and how its like a chunk of me is going to be missing. But the birdees need to find a new home. I'm sobbing, heart broken and quite frankly I feel guilty and horrible. But the sad fact remains that they are not getting the time they need from me. Tom is back to plucking and jess is getting nippy with me again and its all down to me having Will..... but heres what's broken Its back.... I'm pregnant again and its just shows that ill have nxt to no time with them... they deserve better. I've decided its better for them, to keep them knowing I'm not doing as good a job as I can is selfish and I can't do that to them... I just need to find them the best home with people who will love them as much as I do... and I'm lost there. Any help will be appreciated. Im so upset.
  4. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?profile=1&id=514910657#/album.php?aid=129278&id=514910657 A link to the album of photos and heres a few for now: Well he came at 43 weeks on the day and I had to be induced! He really did hang in but his finger nails! I was three days in hospital and on the third day I had very very bad pains and asked for pain relife and was told I could have two paracetamol and some tamazipan.... I said no thanks and 6mins later he was here! I had to be rushed into a labour ward and nearly gave birth in the lift on the way down! A little update on the birds though, they have decided that they hate me having a little person and have screamed the house down everymorning at 7.30 regardless of if they are out or not. I had a huge hormone induced cry everyday for about a week about it. I do love them so so much but I dont know how much non sleep I can take! But I'm sure we'll get into the swing of things soon!
  5. They both had a look in my belly button (whats left of it!) but their little feet tickled me too much to take a pic!
  6. Its not in the womans hair!
  7. I do one when they are feeling aggreeved at something, its normally about 7.30 am and Ive not been in becasue I'm brushing my teeth. They can hear me on the landing and they go MENTAL saying hello and BEEP BEEP.......BEEP BEEP. Thats the sound of A. my alarm clock. B. The microwave or if they are feeling fruity I get C. the phone! but at top whack first thing in the morning..... I must have the patience of a saint..... and so must my neighbours!
  8. I belive that the Macaw will start talking and take a dislike the the female charater. Mhy friend works for GND (I know but thats what you get for doing a BA in television and radio) and I called her about the bird. She said she'd have words for me, its nice to know that uni friends got jobs doing something I can whine at them for. lol
  9. oooooooooo yeeeeaaaahhhh they can.
  10. Della


    If your Jess is anything like my Jess then I'd be prepared for a bird with no fear and an amazing adventure skill!
  11. Conure conure conure... I'm not biased at all....... tee hee
  12. The bathroom will be finished by wednesday so I can't wait to get them both in there for a proper shower rather than a bowl and a spray, Tom does love water and I can't wait for him to see his new sticky perch for the shower!
  13. Soooooo Martin and I have just got back from 5 days away in Amroth and we had a lovely relaxing time. Unfortunatly we couln't take the birdies as martins parents came too and they had the dog (who is obsessed with the birds) and she just sits and stares at them and get stressed out by them... I've even seen her just pee herself without flinching becasue she was in a trance staring at the birds! So we have had a friend fitting our new bathroom while we were away and he looked after them, and by all accounts he did a good job, he gave them seed and talked to them throughout the day, they got to come out into the birdroom and he made sure he coved them at night before he left about 7. We got in and the bathroom wasn't finished because there has been a million problems with damp and one thing and another so I had no loo! Yeah try being 35weeks and not having a loo! So I was upset but I didn't cry.... so I went to give the birds some cuddles and Tom has a patch on his chest where he has plucked! I mean 5 days! A patch about the size of a 20p! He was really happy to see me and jumped all over my hair and head making trilly and kissy clicky noises and Jess did her normal...... "I like you here but I'm not going to cuddle you but just preen your ear and thats it".... I'm so upset about his chest and I feel like Ive let him down by going away, he must have been stressed at the new person coming in and no one spending any real time with them apart from to give them apples and seed.... even though he was in the next room chatting to them all day. I'm so guilty....
  14. its lovely to hear from you jem! I bet your little chick is a sweet heart!
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