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  1. Good luck,ask the local children for help,postman,people walking dogs,I lost mine for four days ago,got him back yesterday,dont give up hope. Bridie.
  2. Great News,how is she.I would like to know as Jasper is still not quite himself,sitting very low,looks like he is expecting some kind of preditor to attack.He is also making noises like a crow,not yet back to himself.I suppose its a frightening world out there and he was gone for four days. Bridie.
  3. Sorry to hear of your loss,there is hope i got jasper back this evening,he was in someones garden up a tree. Luckly he came to me straight away. he had been gone four days. Dont give up,apparently they stay in the area for about a month.Talk to kids in the neighbourhood,they search for you and let everyone know.I think everyone in my area new that he had gone missing. I spoke to people walking their dogs,postmen,neigbourhood watch,I even stoped policemen on their bikes patroling the area. GOOD LUCK, Bridie.
  4. Hi, Just thought I say hi. I also am new,have had my grey for a week. Never had one before. His name is Jasper! Clever boy managed to climb up on to his second perch today,can now move the food off the floor!! Regards Bridie.
  5. Thanks, Have placed an order, Regards Bridie.
  6. Hi, Ive been looking for some palm nuts and no one seems to know what they are??? Regards Bridie.
  7. When my son visit i will ask him to do this. Jasper is loving being fussed but does not seem to like going back into his cage. Im a bit worried that this may become a problem when he learns to fly as I dont want to leave him out when no one is in. Have you any suggestions?
  8. Hi, Dont know how to put the pics on but will as soon as I work it all out. Bridie.
  9. Our new addition has arrived,He,s a bit unsteady and has not got his balance quite right yet. He,s 11 wks old and we,ve called him jasper parrot. He tends to sit with one leg up,is this ok?
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