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  1. thanks for your replies. i think i will show her the window and gradually open the curtains up. thanks again :D/
  2. Hi all, I am after some advice. I own an african grey (kyra) she is 8 months old.Ever since we got her we shut the curtains when she comes out of her cage. Should we keep doing this or can we open them,don't want her to go crashing into the window? We don't have any net curtains at the window. thanks in advance
  3. Yes i was going to make sure that she could travel in the car.Thanks for pointing it out tho.Did you have any problems/worries with regards to leaving the parrots when you went out?We are a bit worried about people wanting to steal her.
  4. Thanks for your replies. It would br good to hear from any caravanners who take their parrots with them.
  5. Hi all, I have an african grey,she is 5 months old. I am looking for advice as i have a touring caravan & wonder what would be best for her when i go away in it. Do i leave her at home and get someone to come and feed/see her daily or do i take her with me but in a smaller cage or do i move her to a relatives house? I am not thinking of going away till next year but was wondering what was the best thing to do. I am not sure about taking her with me as i would not want her to be stolen /lost. Any advice would be helpful. cheers
  6. Did not know there was a difference. Could you tell me both please? cheers
  7. Hi, Could anyone tell me when an african grey is fully grown? My grey (kyra) is 19 weeks at the moment. Cheers
  8. thanks for your replies. i have never owned a parrot before so i am glad of any advice. thought it would be better to ask than do the wrong thing. cheers
  9. Hi All, I have got an african grey & she is 14 weeks old. Can i use the plug in air fresheners in my house but not in the same room as her? Also what about polish in the same room,should i spray it onto a duster then take it into the room to polish or not use it in the same room? Any advice greatfully received. Regards
  10. Hi, Could anyone give me some advice on how you can tell if an african grey is a boy or a girl? I know you can have a dna test done but wondered if there are differences you can see between the two. regards
  11. Thanks for your replies,i wont worry about it now. regards
  12. Hi, I am looking for an african grey baby and have seen a few that have one pink claw. Could anyone tell me if this is normal? thanks
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