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  1. Sombra

    Bye Old Hen

    RIP Little one.
  2. Sombra

    Hi everyone - probably my last post

    So sorry to hear about Charlie. No one could have tried harder than you to help him and keep him comfortable.
  3. Sombra

    Missing babies

  4. Sombra

    Missing babies

    I'm sure nobody could be doing more than you are. I know that if wishes would help they would be home safe by now. Thinking of you and your little ones x
  5. Sombra

    Missing babies

    Still keeping everything crossed for you Net.
  6. Sombra

    Missing babies

    Oh No! I hope they are soon home safe and well. x
  7. Sombra

    Parker vanished!!!!!

    They do seem a bit prone to night frights. When I had mine I would regularly hear them flapping around in the dark and have to go down and put the light on so they could find their perches again. Don't seem to have such a problem with my other birds.
  8. Welcome to the site.
  9. Sombra

    Wonderful Church Bulletins!

  10. Hello and welcome. I love mynahs.
  11. Sombra

    28 - Guyzer & Sombra

    Thankyou very much. Have had a nice day and going out to eat later.
  12. Sombra

    Pottys Mum!

    Hippy Birdy PM xx
  13. Sombra

    For Marion....

    Remembering Marion.............