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  1. I think he was just in a wee mood. Tried him again there now and he was straight out and is beside me now. Cheers for the suggestions.
  2. I'm a wee bit worried, my 4 year old African grey, Steve, won't come out of his cage at all today. He's usually perfect and comes out straight away, loves to get out and have a play around. But today he won't come out at all, he's sort of dancing on the top perch. But won't approach me. I thought it was his new toys, so took them out and no luck. He then grabbed my finger with his beak but didn't hurt me, maybe he just wants to be left alone? He's singing and away like a mad man at the moment. I'm just a wee bit worried as this has never happened before.
  3. I put flour on his perches and put him in a dish of flour to make sure the bleeding was stopped. Steve is a CAG. I'll get in touch with the vet if anything changes. Ill get the perches clean with the bird disenfectant we got from a pet shop.
  4. The bleeding has stopped again. Our closest avian vet is 50 miles away, so it isn' likely that we would be able to get there. He doesn't seem to be in any pain, he isn't limping. How likely is infection and is there any way to prevent it? We have a vet about 5 minutes away that we could go to.
  5. He's managed to make it bleed by flying. I'm having trouble getting flour on to his foot.
  6. It's not bleeding, but what I think is the vein maybe, is exposed. So now there is a red tip on his nail. Maybe it just looks worse than it is, he's still singing away like nothing happened.
  7. Steve's nail has been broken and now the inside of his nail is exposed. Is there anything we can do, should we bring him to a vet?
  8. Good news is he started seeming a bit more lively this morning. I put some baytril in his rich tea biscuit. And well he's back to eating like normal . Just have to wait until he starts making some noise like he usually does, we get the odd few words out of him but not like usual. After this happening I think its time to get some pet insurance.
  9. Yea, baytril sounds more like it. I just put 0.05ml into his water. It doesn't smell the nicest which is why he didn't touch it much, I had to drink a bit of it to show him it was ok, which I regret as it tastes nasty. Oh well, if it helps Steve Im happy to do anything.
  10. Just back from the vets there. He thinks hes just a bit under the weather. Same guy that had a look at one of our kakarikis a few years ago, ace guy. Took us in straight away on short notice and gave us a course of benedrol ( or something like that). All for the grand total of nothing . Second time we've been down there and got charged nothing. He thinks Steve is a bit under weight, hes 0.5Kg, which is strange because he is always eating.
  11. Steve is usually mad in the mornings, but today he didn't really care if he was getting out of the cage or not. He had to be prompted with a hand into the cage. Its not almost 5 o clock and Ive not heard him make one noise all day. He usually doesn't keep his beak closed from morning to night. He isn't even as hyper as he always is. Just sitting with his head down and eyes half open. I'm just worried something might be wrong with him.
  12. Steve has gotten to the point where he is biting me and leaving me bleeding when trying to get him back into the cage. Any ideas what to do?
  13. Awk thats awful sad. Poor little fella. I hope hes all right in the long run.
  14. Hes no problem with biting. Its more like warning you he'll bite cause hes higher up than you. Either that or hell just grab my hand and move it away. But Ill try whats been suggested, thanks people.
  15. I need some way to stop Steve landing on the door. Even when the door is closed he hangs there until its opened. This fine, but people keep forgetting about him and then door has been closed on his feet alot, not slammed shut or anything, just closed gentley and he ends up getting a scare and a sting and so do we. Ive bought him a stand for Christmas just isnt here yet. If I try to lift him do he won't let me, he growls and bites. Is there anything I can do?
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