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  1. my first bird wat i have had a few wks is red bellied macaw very noisy n shy just bought a green amazon ohh my god its like having a best friend needs loads of attention n toys as do both
  2. well it is her bird and i did not know it was an avery bird as it was in a cage in conservatory ill just have to try
  3. i think i bought it of caroline seems like it dont know his name or age ill have to try ring her again
  4. i am looking in rehoming another bird need to be good with kids just wondered wat sort of bird would be best to start with pref talking bad language not a problem email or pm kittycat20005@hotmail.co.uk
  5. no in a cage he is timid but ill give it time first
  6. hi i9 just bought my first parrot a red bellied macaw from hull ,need to know more about parrots can u keep them with other parrots etc and he dont talk yet lol
  7. hi i think i bought vince of you i am from scarborough i love him already how old is he
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