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  1. Gillian

    So sorry, Pip. RIP Henry

    Aww so sorry xx
  2. Gillian

    Barney - Beak out of line?

    Any thoughts?
  3. Barney (grey) top part of his beak tonight looks out of line with the bottom section if that makes sense :-\ Any ideas, bearing in mind vet thought he had a cyst or something on his tongue about 4 weeks ago after I took him to the vets as he seemed unwell, he was given a multi vit and long acting anti-biotic. He is eating well and seems himself tonight.. Could he be holding it that way due to a sore tounge? Going to pop him to the vets in the morning. Thoughts please - thanks all x
  4. Gillian

    african grey

    You can buy dishes that lock into the holder called croc pots http://scarlettsparrotessentials.co.uk/PotsandBowls.aspx They certainly stop this problem
  5. Love it just sent my request in to join up
  6. Just seen this on facebook >
  7. Gillian

    Rod [c/o Gillian]

    I have shown Rod (Birthday Boy) and he is very touched - thanks all Happy New Year to you all .... from us in Cornwall xx
  8. Can everyone please keep an eye out for an African Grey parrot, this is a much loved pet to a dear fella, the parrot has kept him happy while he has been going through Chemo, the parrot went missing in the St Day area, would appreciate all your help keeping an eye out for him so that he can be returned to his owner who of course is deeply upset, thank you
  9. Gillian

    evidence please about conditions at NPS

    Of course I will try and post it on here or will forward the email on as I cannot seem to copy and paste it :!: :roll:
  10. Gillian

    evidence please about conditions at NPS

    Any body seen the letter dated 25/10/11 from East Lindsey Council Nigel Howells addressed to Caroline Lucas MP? Cannot seem to post it on here?! Its a load of old cods wollop!!! :roll: :x
  11. Gillian

    Aldi Ad Macaw

  12. Gillian

    Good news about NPS

    =D> WELL DONE ALL - keep up the good work, I have and I know few others have recived postive emails from Baroness Smith after making contact via email....