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  1. Sick B*****s.... Poor baby!!! That grey should of took a chunk out of that idiot....... :twisted: :evil:
  2. AWww Vikky ur babys r really cute....the video of them is sooo sweet!!! sasusage is doing well and has started talkin....like hello, boy, and he tryed aright mate today...lol
  3. Hi Vikky, Sorry I missed ur call i must of been out picking kids up from school!! I decided to make u this plaque as i wanted for u to have something to keep as its something nice to look back on and to show other people that want ur babies..I thought long and hard about what i could make u and at work we do lots of diffrent things and so i thought arrr plaque so i got someone in the studio to do the art work and one of the boys printed it and my friend mel put it on the plaque for me.. I was really pleased with it and i thought that u would love it!! Its a little something special for u and scott..Keep up the good work!!!
  4. Hi Vikky...Did u see the other pix on photo bucket I Did msn u with pb address..
  5. Hi This is a pic of my baby sausage i got from vikky, He is addorable and he get more and more loving everyday!! I just wanna say that vikky has done a great job with him as she does with all her birds... Its great that people take the time and patience and the result is a great bird...Thanks again vikky =D> click here :arrow: for pic http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k168/puncher_red/Our%20Baby%20Sausage/008.jpg (edited by moderator)
  6. Thanks for the nice comment vikky, I'm very glad i found such a sweet baby grey like sasuage!! He is very funny, Now everytime i open his cage he jumps on me to come out...In the mornings when i put in his fruit he jumps on my arm and eats it before i get the chance to hook it up ...lol...Thanks againx
  7. tracykim


    My Mums grey is the same loves to give himself tickles and he always get grabs my finger then bows his head for more tickles from me!!!
  8. AWWWW How sweet...Looks like he's havin fun!! :wink:
  9. my aunty brought me two abacus's for my babes...GREAT condtion from boot sale last week....I'm going this sunday...Can't wait...
  10. All i have to say is lmao Found it well funny..............
  11. Hi Vikky, Thats what i'm doing next sunday..Hopfully should pick up some great stuff 4 my baby scarlett & Spanky... Looks like u got some great stuff!! I have been lookin on ebay too but i think i can get them cheaper on bootsale...
  12. Hiya Vikky, Babys are looking fab, Can't wait!!!
  13. I was told that the brighter the orange on cheeks is a male!! I was also told that the male teils talk more than a female so if that is right i have always had males as the have bright orange cheeks and love to talk...
  14. I have just finished a course in web design...Maybe i can help!! Explain in more detail...
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