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  1. Thanks, we took him to the vets last night and again he wasn't sure but said he is a VERY old bird, my husband remembers a bird at his aunts when he was a child (he's 43 now) but doesn't remember more than that. we have him on feather up and palm oil as he doesn't like the nuts and for the 1st few weeks he kept shivering, so in the day he has a little knitted jumper on (don't laugh) which he loves and also helps with the feather plucking which he hasn't done for a few days. we put the heating on low for him last night and he fell asleep on a pillow on the settee so he seems happy enough even if he is grumpy!!!
  2. Thanks for all your help, i suspect if i was all red at one time then it will be 1994 as he's definatly an older bird, he's extremly grumpy and sleeps most of the day (so i guess he MUST be male!!!!) does anyone have any idea what year ringing started?
  3. hi yes i looked at that thread but it didn't really help as its silver with a red inner, its not a split ring, could it be a sexing ring?
  4. Hi can anyone help me with a ID ring problem? we have inherited a Timneh from my husbands elderly aunt, he has been feather plucking for a while so doesn't look good, with lots of care we seem to be keeping on top of this, he's due to see our avian vet on Thursday. He has a ring on which i've managed to have a really good look at as we have no idea how old he is, but its completly blank, its silver in colour with red inside it doesn't look like anything has worn off it. We'd love to know how old he is as he looks ancient lol, and spends his days sleeping. we love him dearly and it doesn't really matter but i'd just like to know his approx age. thanks
  5. i have been in touch with his support worker who is amazed. It really makes me wonder what more could be done with animals to help children like Harri. I'llpost some pics as soon as george is home. I am sorry to witter on but it was so great to tell someone
  6. We have finally found our grey we have been looking for. He's 3 years old and very friendly. We all trooped over to see him yesterday taking our son Harri with us. Harri has aspergers and has not said a word since birth. He has a strong bond with animals and they seem to "know" he's special. Harri and George (african grey) looked at each other for ages, George was chatting away saying in your basket to one of their dogs. Harri smiled at this. This morning Harri was playing with his cars when Alice our dog tried to sneak one off him. Harri looked at her and clearly said "in your basket" i can't believe it!!!!! how great is that? i could cry!
  7. thats a great idea, apparently he loves bonios, again not ideal but probably a bit better. he will only drink tea with 4 sugars in!!!
  8. Hi, after months of looking and more than a few let downs we are finally bringing home our grey. He's a 3 year old that is very much loved by his present owners but its the usual story i.e not enough time................ he's a lovely bright friendly boy but his diet worries me. Of course i will gradually change it (i want to feed double dutch) but at the moment it consists of, custard creams, chips, and tea, there is also sunflower seeds and peanuts on offer. I know none of this is right but what do you do, slowly take away the custard creams? from 5 a day to 2 etc?
  9. Hi Carla,Staples or office world sell till rolls, they are pretty cheap and come in boxes of i think 12 or 24. Good luck with your new baby Mell
  10. I will, we have 2 of everything so hopefully it will only be his surroundings he finds strange not his other bits and bobs
  11. When we get our baby grey we are planning (eventually after he has settled in) to take him to work with us everyday where he will have a cage next to my desk and can watch the comings and goings of our business, has anyone else taken their parrot to work or another place everyday and if so how did it work out
  12. We are preparing for the arrival of our baby grey and i was wondering about the cage bottom (do i need to get out more?) i've heard people put mesh over the existing grid which is a great idea to stop uneaten food falling through as it means they can kick it around a bit before eating it. of course i'll get 2 to allow for cleaning, but is there a poo problem as presumably without the additional mesh would normally drop through........does this make sense?
  13. Oh definatly a weaned one!!! i'm nervous enough without worrying about hand rearing..........George (god knows what i'll call him if it turns out to be a girl) will be 14 weeks when we pick him up
  14. Thank you for all your welcomes and advice, sorry i haven't replied before but i've been in hospital, but fine again now. We finally decided on a baby, more for the children than us as our dogs have always been rescues and they wanted to see him/her "grow up" we are going to see a baby in dorset on Saturday so fingers crossed.............thanks again
  15. Hi, i am new to the site and i was hoping someone could give me some advice. We are looking for an African Grey, and i'm not sure if i should go for a young adult up to 4 or a baby. We have lots of time to spend with him/her as we work for ourselves so he'd never be alone, but we do have a fairly noisey household with children and 2 dogs. I had a african grey for many years as a child but of course this wasn't something i had to think about then!!!!! Help, please
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