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  1. I have an umbrella cockatoo (Noodle), he is the only bird and only pet in the house amd i am at university usually i am only out for 3/4 hours a day and my boyfriend works different times every week, i am a student nurse so when i am on placement i am out for 12 hours and my boyfriend would usually work from 2 til 6 at night so noodle is not left in for long periods alone. I always leave the radio on if no one is home and noodle has never had and never will have a set time for getting out to play as i agree with some other members that this is recipe for disaster, noodle gets out frequently but at irregular times. Also if we are both at work for more than 4 hours my mother watches noodle, he has a cage there and loves to go visiting.
  2. thank you, i will try them 2morro coz noodle loves lychees
  3. Just saw these in tesco and thought i would ask and see if they are safe for birds with the stone removed, i have searched and found that some say its safe for birds but others say no. It looks much like a lychee but kind of hairy on the outside, anyone know/?
  4. Hi can i just say that the exact same thing happened to my bird too and i was a wreck, it happened quite late at night and i couldnt get the vet so i just had to use pliers aswell, but ive removed all these rings from all toys as they are unsafe and shouldnt be put on toys, i dont understand why they are not soldered or something because my cockatoo picks at everything im sure most birds do, and dont rest until they have dismantled it. it is very distressing watching your bird so helpless and i was in a worse state than him probably making him feel worse but i got such a fright too
  5. Thanx everyone, i wont give him any i will have to eat it myself lol, i will buy him the birdy one Vlee
  6. Thank's for the reply, i wont give any until i know for sure
  7. I bought a pack of mixed beans which include aduki beans, red&black kidney beans black eye beans and flageolet beans would these be alright to give to birds cooked.
  8. yep, i have an umbrella (Noodle) and he is the same he comes with me when im in the bath or loo or anywhere for that matter. he also loves to hide under my chin and get scratched for as long as i let him.
  9. My noodle didnt bother with them either today, but he dosnt really bother with anything the first time i give it to him, apart from lychees from the moment he saw them he got stuck in but thats the only food he has done that with he usually takes a few days to get used with something new
  10. yeah lol from asda 75p, thanx for the advice i think i will just give the fruit to be safe, also i would like to ask does anyone know where i can get a kabobby stick from as we have one but would quite like a few spares, i got this one from PAH but they dont seem to have any now.
  11. Thanx, much appreciated, should i take the leaves off first or is it ok to give him the whole thing after being washed?
  12. Hi can anyone tell me if it is safe for birds to have physalis?
  13. Hi, just a little update, noodle has been fine all day i have watched his every move and inspected every dropping and all is well he has ate his dinner chatted away and has been his usual self, i think you guys and the vet were right he drank too much water and perhaps it went down the wrong way. Thanks again for all your help.
  14. I just got hold of the vet and explained everything and they said that he sounds fine and to keep an eye on him and if need be ive to call back and they will see him, but he seems fine still eating and his normal self, Thanks again for your help
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