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  1. disgraceful i own cornsnakes and could not see how anyone could lower themselves to such an act...twisted
  2. i breed greencheek conures but not in a colony situation i would worry about the males getting fiesty with one another but best to find out if anyone here has colony bred them to give you a better idea
  3. hi guys i am an experienced handrearer spoon or syringe although spoon is my prefered method i live in suffolk and can offer a helping hand to any breeder i have handreared conures and quakers and cockateils previously pm me and i will reply to you
  4. hi all im located on the east coast ip17 area should you need a place for your feathered friend to stay please pm me and ill get back to you or ring my phone number 01728 668673
  5. hi annie my pairs have their nestbox with peat and shavings, definitely go by the above with cuttlefish and calcium extras aswell as veg and fruit you`ll soon know when theres going to be some nest activity as the hen will not leave the nest and may make noises in the box when you approach to change food/water my males usually go mental on the cuttlefish when eggs are imminent- it is unwise to drive a hen from her nest maybe try and leave bedding outside the nest and see if the male will bring to the box-as for breeding age they can breed from 7 months on but usually best to breed from a year on any more questions just ask
  6. beakasaurus how is little chewie getting along is he nattering day and night for you yet lol-i miss their little nattering and cant wait til spring again now when ill have some more
  7. mine doesnt usually but then when he does he'll shriek then he'll say `be quiet joe'
  8. my quakers like peat in the bed of nestbox and lots and lots of twigs
  9. guess what people i passed nvq2 in health and social care now starting nvq3 then ill start training to be a nurse probably take 3 years but itll be worth it
  10. they didnt say much storm bird and im really sorry for offending you earlier sorry -really, they said that he was noisy in the day well so what im used to noise lol i love it , the previous owners just told me he behaved all the time, but i know cockatoos dont lol its not in their nature to they always have mischeif about them its just the crooked beak which is worrying me and the clinging to the cage lol ive let him enjoy lots of freedom is this a problem for him? i realise its something hes not used to but i want him to enjoy it as every bird should
  11. when i set up my account with photobucket i will show all my angel-galah very beautiful yet naughty girl lol very funny
  12. sorry for my spelling been drinking whilst watching harry potter-new one order of the phoenix
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