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  1. i think ill try a sandy perch and put some java branchs in just wanted to check it wasnt anything too serious !! thanks x
  2. Hi just asking for some advice my blue and gold macaw has just developed a very small sore looks like a tiny circle underneath his foot . Its not full of pus or anything its dry in fact looks like its dried just a touch red i can feel it without scooby seeming too bothered. Could it be his concrete perch as he spends alot of time on that and thats all i can put it down too ?? Any suggestions would be great thanks x
  3. Hi everyone been quite a while since iv been on but just to let you know i did get my blue and gold macaw in march and hes an absolute sweetheart. Iv always wanted one and finally i got in touch with a lovely lady who breeds them and i couldnt ask for a tamer bird. He is so tame and trusts me 100% its unbelievable yes there messy and yes they smell but i was prepared for that. Although i am very dedicated i didnt go into buying him light heartedly iv waited a long time. Ill try and get some pictures loaded up when i get chance but apart from a bit of noise now and then hes great to be honest the 4 kids are harder work.
  4. im so mad i asked several times for a land line number they went on and on about how they would fly her tomorrow and then ring me for payment once the vet at the airport had checked her. I then said ill drive to scotland to pick her up as i thought flying would be more stressfull for the bird and they said oh no they get too stressed in the car which totally contradicts the transportation from the airport to my house. When i said i wasnt prepared to give personal information over the web they then sent me a mobile number and said why didnt i trust them and they didnt like my taught. :evil: So i replied with iv known this was a scam from the start god they make me so mad.
  5. I have never had so many emails offering to fly me birds to airports in my life its absolutly appauling. I currently have somebody supposedly in scotland offering me a macaw to fly it to me tomorrow can you believe. Asked no questions about me iv played the game saying how many conmen out there and the cheek they come back with is unreal. Like how you can trust us were genuine it really isnt fair i put them on the spot and offered to drive and asked for a landline number but they just evade my questions and carry on regardless asking to fly her out tomorrow !! WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE ON :twisted:
  6. This is why i have looked in to this and am taking all comments on board the way i see it is if the parrot was to outlive ourselves then one our boys which he would of grown up with could then take him on board. I know im talking years away but the pets i have stay with me for ever end of however now i have the task of finding a good breeder thats in it for the love of the bird not how much money they can pocket. And also a breeder who thinks i will be good enough to have one of there birds. October seems ages away but it will fly by i know so if i can find a baby to secure it will be then ready by october time and give me chance to parrot proof the house and get a hugh cage sorted.
  7. well after alot of thought i really do want a b&g macaw however im not going to rush into things after speaking to different people and taking advice on here me and my husband think it would be best to get a baby hand reared one if we can. The reason being it will grow up in our family environment were not going to have any more children so there wont be much change within the family. I just think maybe an older bird may well not be a good idea incase it doesnt work out. Ie its past histort doesnt mean it will be fine in our family. we have decided to try and get one in october and possibly if you know of any reputable breeders you could put me in touch. The only other thing i would consider is taking on a younger macaw within a family that perhaps we could get to know first ie visiting and spending time in its own environment first maybe. I know that may sound mad but i think if the owners genuinly loved the bird they would want it to go to the best place plus i could get to know the environment and routine its used to. As im sure it must be stressfull on them when they go to a new home anyway. Thanks once again for your advice
  8. do you know this is crazy the more i try to convince myself i want an african grey i know deep down i want a macaw its so hard. My dads cousin has macaws and there lovely i think for the last 10 years or so iv always said ill have one one day. this site is so helpfull i definetly will be checking up for advice.
  9. after reading the comments i think i would better with an african grey a bit smaller for one but proberbly better around children and the dog. Not that im saying a macaw wouldnt be but as im new to this i may be being abit too adventurous So now my task is to wait till my holidays are over in september and perhaps look for a baby african grey that will be ready to go around october do you think that would be better. All opinions greatly recieved.
  10. Iv been reading all morning and im still undecided id love a macaw and know i have the dedication to work with one but an african grey is just as popular i think. Theres so much to learn about these parrots which cant be done in one go alot i feel comes with experience just like my horse it takes time and alot of hard work. I may even consider fostering but need to know if i buy that there a caring reputable breeder as im not inclined to line the pockets of bad breeders that are in it just for the money. This forum is excellent for advice and thank you for the links.
  11. thanks for the links there really helpfull :wink:
  12. Hi my names louise and im looking for some advice really iv always wanted a macaw for years now but didnt think it was the right time. Im 29 now and a bit more wiser and think it is the right time to consider getting one now as i cant understand how people are buying them only keeping them for a short space of time and then selling them on. Given the lifespan of these birds im not taking this decision lightly. i am settled in our home i do have children and im a hugh animal lover. There is always somebody in the house so company isnt an issue i have a dog in the home and we have a horse too. Im very comitted to my pets my vet will vouch for that i can assure you. Any way back to the question due to my family and my dog would a macaw or an african grey be better please can any one with a macaw or grey give me some advice on the problems i may encounter. Many thanks in advance louise
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