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  1. Thankees very much Nice to see you back Jo and thanks Roz
  2. Roz's fave toy making thread i've tried searching for it but can't find it can you point me in the right direction please Many thanks.
  3. Just wanted to say hello and this place is awesome. Lots of nice ppl and good information.
  4. Aww! Bless her! She is beautiful, reminds me of my bird Baby.
  5. Beautiful bird, she looks like a super star!
  6. Hi intron, I am sorry to hear about your bird. I to have an Amazon and had the same problem. She is doing so much better now and she is almost back to normal and no longer biting her feet. I give her feet bath three times a day with 1 tablespoon of sea salt, warm water, two drop of Sultadmethoxine drop, and a little bit of Nolvasan antiseptic ointment in the water. First, I put her in the water for a good five minutes or so. Then I put the Nolvasan ointment on her and continue this three times a day. Her feet look wonderful and she can hold her food now with no problem. I am so glad she is back to normal. I wish you the best and I hope she gets better. I was told 20cm for an amazon bird collar. I will ask again to make sure. But is better to buy one all ready made for the bird. You can go to vetamerica.com and see how the bird collars looks like.
  7. Aww! You are all so wonderful and caring ppl. Ty all for your messages. I want to thank Bella for the update on Baby.
  8. Ahh! Interesting. Ty for the information.
  9. Oh my! I better be good then. Giggles!
  10. Heh! ok I wont, but giggles, you sound very sweet!
  11. aww! ty so much Suebarrass and MMM you are both very sweet.
  12. Hello everyone, new to this forum. Just wanted say hi and I love birds. Hehe! I am taking care of a beautiful Amazon bird name Baby, she is so lovely and she is recovering from necrosis of the foot. She does not belong to me, but I wish she did. I love her so much!
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