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  1. Hy everyone hope someone could give me advice. We bought two african Greys in July 1007 both babies and both brothers. My baby rusty and the other baby pepsi was bought for my partner. When Rusty was a baby he used to cuddle up to my chest and go to sleep, the bond was fantastic, he responded to his name. Unfortunatley in September I had to go back to work until Decvember 2007. Now both African greys respond to my partner and Rusty totally ignores me when I call his name. Rusty has also started to nip the ears of our two teenage children as well as me. How do I get my baby back to respond to me and to stop his nipping. Thank you for any advice. chez
  2. Hey thats a great idea thank you very much will try that Love Rusty and Pepsi for telling my mummy something that I might enjoy
  3. Hello it's me again, Does anyone know where I can buy a table top play stand for my African Greys, they spend more time out of their cage than in it. I would like it made of iron than steel. Tried a famous pet shop today but he couldn,t help, someone must know someone who makes or sells them. :wink:
  4. hey gee thanks Rusty loves Banana as soon as he sees it , you are is best friend, however pepsi loves red grapes. But unfortunatley Rusty likes his fresh bit of Banana before he goes sleep at night. Pepsi see's his grapes as part of his food. Im just stuck because they eat lots of fresh fruit through the day as well as dried fruit mix, including there Monkey nuts. oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh what can I do thats not harmful
  5. Helloooo all experts need your advice. I and my partner have just purchesed two aviator harnesses and we are now introducing them to our African Greys. When we feel and they feel comfortable we would like to take them outside to fly, but we would also like to know WHAT DO YOU ACTUALLY GIVE AFRICAN GREYS AS A REWARD. We whent to a famous pet shop and where given these type of nuts that the birds have to break into as a reward. Yes we tried them and yes they liked them, but it takes ages for them to break into them, surely there must be something (titbit) that is easy for them to eat, play and enjoy. :?
  6. Cheers matey, Pepsi is a poser but its hard to get 1 of Rusty lol
  7. Just had a heart thumping experience too, we have 2 african greys called Pepsi and Rusty. Didn't think they had started to fly properly so had them outside on our knee. All of a sudden Pepsi flew off, circled round the top of the house and seemed to come down in some brambles on the back. Got scratched to s**t looking for him and then my lttle lad spotted him on the roof. Had to get on the ladders and go on the roof for him, all the kids and neighbours were out, it was like something off tv. He came straight on my hand and all ended well but needless to say they are not allowed outside now. We posted an earlier thread about whether to get their wings clipped but am still adament they are NOT being clipped. Gonna do some research to see if there is a safe way of taking them outside without them thinking they are in the RAF
  8. Hi Abez I have no probs with rusty and pepsi flying around the house it's the frightening thought of them in the garden and deciding to go on an adventure, sorry at the moment pepsi is sat on my shoulder after flying off his cage and giving me some greif in my ear because I am writing on this forum and not playing with him, he is being a bugger lol he is absoloutley a darling he says helloooooo
  9. Thank you very much I appreciate your comments and reading them I am now aware of the damage I would cause my baby. I do want to take him outside especially in the summer because I just love to talk to him in the back garden. But I am frightened that he may get curious and fly over the fence, and I wont get to him in time. But I really do hear what your saying and now feel I am against clipping. What if any is another alternative. Your advice is very important. and thank you
  10. Hi Everyone, need some good advice. Bought two african greys. Rusty and pepsi absoloutley adorable. The dilema is: Pepsi has started to fly in the living room, rusty hasn't ventured with that one yet. The Q is do I have their wings clipped or use a harness. I like to take my lovely rusty in the garden when it's nice and I am frightened to death of him flying off, especially as we seem to live in an area ful;l of cats. My partner however doesn't want to have hers clipped. Is it detrimental to my rusty if I do have his wings clipped eventually please please someone give me the advice I need. :?
  11. He is a member but I'm not sure of his username, I have only had phone conversations with him.........
  12. I am Looking for a baby African Grey and a brilliant man helped me not only to gain more knowledge, but took me through this site bit by bit. So thanks to you andy. I love my existing african grey, and I have two beautiful cockatails To have a forum where you can get the best info is absoloutley superb. So Hello everyone
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