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  1. ok well i have tried again! and i can safely say that this is the biggest waste of £9.99 ever! i even tried it on the cockatiel (not charlie) and it is absolutely useless IMO!!! i am not giving up on a harness but i am DEFFINATELY giving up on this type! i actualy found it to be nothing more than stressful on the poor birds! and me! :evil: :evil:
  2. thanks for that Carla, that is exactly how i am trying to do it but trust me it isn`t that easy i am off out now but will have another go when i get back...i will let u know how it goes
  3. ok well i may give that a try later on once Loki (and me lol) has calmed down :twisted:
  4. oh yeah i did that....but trust me these things terrible! (unless your bird will sit totaly still whilst putting it on!) seriously i find the design awful!....why they couldn`t have made the petite the same design as the others is beyond me...he was all legs and feet and beak, and he is pretty passive when i hold him on his back and i can get the head part on no problem but as soon as i put the long piece under his wing to go round it all goes pear shaped.
  5. what an absolute load of rubbish!!! i got one today and followed all the instructions and tried it out on other things first to try and get the "knack" i tried it on Loki and they are HURRENDOUS! i couldn`t even get it to the stage of getting it done up!! poor Loki was getting extremely stressed and if i didn`t have a steady hand he could have strangled himself or broke his wings or neck!!! i will NOT be trying it again, unless i am doing something seriously wrong??? anyone have the same opinion of these or is it just me doing something wrong? if there is anyone out there who uses them with success then please let me know what i am doing wrong...it is the petite size, so is different to the small and upwards.
  6. thanks guys... he seems ok this morning and i (just about lol) managed to give him his medicine with little problem, i just hope its going to do the trick!
  7. actually saying that...she did mention that one but said it`s very unlikely for the reasons you said, she said normaly that is pretty easily recognisable.
  8. thanks all, good to know there is some support there i just hope he fights it all the way and proves the vet wrong!
  9. she did say a couple of names...i can`t remember them they were so long winded, she said she could send his stools for proper analasys but the treatment for all the ones she said she thinks it was would be the same anyway...so she said it would be wasteing my money really to find out which specific one it is...the one she most thought it could be was one more common in budgies canaries and smaller finches, i just can`t think of the exact name :roll: ....
  10. yeah he seems pretty happy in himself which is the main thing..and also the vet said he is a good weight so no signs of weight loss or anything.
  11. thats what i`m praying will happen...but i don`t want to get my hopes up too much :cry:
  12. well the news isn`t great...the vet looked at his poops under the microscope, and he does have some sort of bacterial infection, he is on batryl 0.05 ml twice a day, but the vet did say that in general he is a very sickly bird (this is what happens when you go for the poor little skinny one huddled in the corner in the shop!) she thinks that there is a 50/50 chance of him pulling through, which is not what i wanted to hear...she seems to think that even if he pulls through this he will be a pretty sickly little lad in general, this has hit me a lot harder than i thought, but i am not giving up on him!! i will keep you all updated, thanks again for all the help and support all.
  13. thats BRILLIANT! i love the wolf especialy
  14. awww fantastic pics! i would so love a grey (one of my fav birds) but just don`t feel i could give one the the time they need with all the other mob
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