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  1. Thank you. We are about an hour away from Loughborough. If it is hormonal is there anything the vet can do???
  2. Thank you for your replies, some more info, yes she is one of the babies in the avatar, so as you can see she is an African grey. She has been with us since a baby, and she is now 7 years old. Yes we do mist her and she does enjoy it, we have racked our brains and cannot think of any changes we have done that would have caused these reactions. She does have toys, and as hubby is retired has company all day. We did wonder if it was hormonal, as I have spoken to The Tropical Bird Centre in Desford Leicestershire, and they have suggested it could be hormonal. If it persists we will have to get her checked out at the Tropical Bird Centre, but have to wait for an appointment when the avian vet is visiting there, as all the local vets are your cats & dogs type vets.
  3. An update on this problem, she is now starting to pluck her chest & front, and as soon as the feathers start to grow again she plucks them out, drawing blood sometimes?? Also she used to com out in the evening and fly around and sit on the arm of my chair to have head rubs & fuss, she now won't even come out of her cage, and if I attempt to go nearer her while she is in the cage she panics and looks really frightened??!!!! Is there ANYTHING I can do, she has always let me stroke her I cannot understand what has happened or what I can do about it? Any advice or help would be much appreciated.
  4. We have had Susie for 7 years, with out a problem, then suddenly in the last 2 -3 weeks she has started to pluck feathers? The only places she if plucking is the front of her neck, her legs and round her vent. We give her feather up and Calcium drops in her water, regularly. She also seems very nervous and at certain times of the day gets panicky of we go up to her cage?? We haven't changed a thing in her cage, or her surrounding, or her diet. She hasn't been with any others birds, but when it is sunny we do put her outside (with shade). Can anyone off some advice?? Marie
  5. Thanks for your help, i will have a look around
  6. I need to to trim my African Greys nails, and was wondering if there is any first aid or emergency treatment i can get to put on her nails IF i catch her blood supply. I only take the very ends off, to save my hands and arms and shoulders being cut to ribbons. I already have a cement and a sandy perch which she does use, but doesn't seem to be really working. I thought there was something I could buy to paint on in case of emergency?? or did I imagine it?? Cheers
  7. Just had Suzie for 2 weeks and she is not eating fruit etc. I will try your suggestions. Thanks Marie
  8. Thanks alot vikky & scott, We couldn't have wished for a more loving and entertaining parrot than Suzie. She is absolutely gorgeous. She sits on my shoulder and wants cuddles and tickles, and she sits on my lap for strokes and naps. All I can say is that she was lucky to have you guys as her mommy & daddy. =D> =D> We will keep in touch with pics and vids. Winter hols are in our plans???!! Lots of love & Take care. :D/ Marie & Phil & Suzie. http://s227.photobucket.com/albums/dd180/jardinerie/Suzie/
  9. I know exactly how you feel. We lost Lucy our grey in May after having her for 15 years from a baby. Hope you find him soon. Everything crossed.
  10. I am thinking of getting a cement nail trimming perch, but was wondering if anyone has any infi, good and bad, with regard to the use of these. My main query is if the bird perches for a long period of time would it harm the feet as plastic perches do? I could take it in and out but greys aren't very good at accepting new things in their cage and this would defeat the object and also upset the bird! Any comments would be much appreciated. Marie
  11. Just wanted to say that I have reserved one of these little darlings, can't wait till sept and we can bring her or him home. We lost our cag - Lucy, after 15 years 7 weeks ago today. Really miss her, but we have a new baby to welcome home soon. Vikky is an exceptional woman and obviously loves what she does, it shows in the care & love she and her partner scott shower on their animals. Lucky birds!!!!! It will be great to look back at the regular updates that vikky is posting. Cheers Marie&Phil
  12. hi Sue, So sorry to hear about Jack. My thoughts are with you. We lost Lucy our African Grey six weeks ago, she escaped, we had had her since she was 6 months old for 15 years!. She was a real character and could talk (& swear!!) for England.We do not know what the outcome was, but by now we assume the worst. We like you tried everything. Notices on lamp posts, notifying the local zoo and bird centre, petsearch on the net. All to no avail. We, like you couldn't imagine life without a parrot, so we have just reserved one of Vikkys new baby greys. As you say peolple think that a little strange, but We found the house so empty and too quiet without her?!? Your new bird will not be Jack, but I am sure that both our new birds will be just as loved and cherished as our originals were, but in a slightly different way! Am encouraged by the compassion the members on this site have shown, it is nice to know that there are people who still care!! Cheers Marie
  13. Don't hold out much hope. As we have only just joined this forum thought i would give it a try. We have reserved a baby with vikky, and we are really looking forward to having a new baby!!!! Her babies are certainly well looked after! 7 weeks since she escaped and I don't think for one minute she will have survived that long in the wild. Unfortunately, we live in a small village so she wouldn't have been able to find people easily to go to when she got hungry. So we fear the worst.
  14. Thanks Debs, This was one of my first calls, have also notified Desford Tropical Bird Centre, as that was where lucy was boarded when we went on hol. Hubby is ditraught, as she escaped from her cage when he was cleaning her out!! And she was more his bird as she was at home with him alll day. The house seems so empty. How long can they survive in the wild?? The problem being that we have had atrocious weather since she escaped. Thanks alot
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