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  1. Im not sure if the babies that have died are from the same parents, all I know is that my boo's hatch date was 22nd(ish) April 2007. I didnt get a hatch cert as her printer had conveniently broken down and she said that she would post one to me but never did even tho I send here quite a few txtx in the 5 weeks that I had Boo.
  2. May I add, that whilst visiting the pet shop, any person could have access to the birds there. My children (and other people) had free access to hold, pick up and touch any of the baby birds. But this may now be different as I was there on the opening day (which was busy), and the day I went to pick Boo up (only me in the shop). So the birds did come into contact with lots of people, so a disease could have been picked up this way. But this would only explain the deaths of babys since the shop opened
  3. I wonder if people are getting so deffensive here becuase they feel guilty that they didn't push these "4" people to get autorities in to test her breeding stock... curious! (i'm glad at least one is supposed to be) What you don't seem to see in what i'm posting is until the autorities go to her breeding place of business, test her birds and they are found to be diseased, then it is just accusations. You should be focusing on your end in the UK to have this done, not getting catty to me for pointing this out. As i have previously posted... if her birds are tested and the test show they are sick, then good, finally it has been taken care of, and legal actions should follow. I have nothing to feel guilty about, as the 4 people who contacted me, their birds had died before my Boo did. They got in contact to tell me that the birds they brought had also died
  4. Hi Kevin.. Sorry I do not know how to post 'quotes' from messages that are in my inbox. But I have kept all of my inboxes about Boo, so I have copied and pasted this part of your inbox to me as it was not pip that died for no apparent reason i bought my first parrot from xxxxxx last july his name was Jake but in september Jake died for no apparent reason, i knew at the time that i should had have a vet check on him, but he was my boy and his death really hit me bad. it still haunts me now. xxxxxxx replaced jake at a discount with Pip a blue parrotlet and everything was fine, untill Pip died this April from i thought was an accident when he flew into a wall . xxxxxx at this time had moved in with xxxxxx who untill then i had only heard about. i will say that ive never had any problems with them they have always been understanding when the birds have died. Edited to remove names.... Please feel free to remove if needed
  5. Hi I just caught up with this thread.. All I can say is I know of at least 4 people that have been in contact with me saying that they have had babys die within weeks of them buying them from either the shop or breeders (before shop opened). And that includes one of the people who have stuck up for the breeders in question (on this thread).. But they then brought another one from the same breeders at a reduced rate after his/her baby died and then later was GIVEN a PAIR of birds free of charge ....... So Im guessing that they think it makes it ok????? I should have taken things further, yes I 100% agree, but with no conclusive test results where would it have got me. My vet did say that he was going to report the breeder to trading standards but I guess he didn't. I will give him a call today to find out for sure if he did..
  6. This is where I brought my baby from................ NOT ADVISED....... feel free to read my previous posts!!!!!!!!
  7. Hi again. Sorry about the delay in posting an update. The results came back. PBFD neg, psittacosis neg. But I was told it is very hard to get a possitive for psittacosis from a dead bird. Does anyone know how true this is?? These results disheartned me, as now its the not knowing why!
  8. No, no updates as yet. Vet said the results should be back yesterday, but I never heard anything so will be giving them a ring when they open to find out more. The not knowing is getting me down a little. But hopefully I will have the results today.
  9. Thought I would keep you updated. Had an email from my vet. It said Slight quality control issue at the lab so not 100 percent happy with results. They will re run the tests when they are certain things are ok so may be another 4-5 days before. results. x
  10. I had an email from my vet on Saturday to say that some blood test results where back. This showed that the white blood cells were lower than first thought. Still waiting on the autopsy results, but will post as soon as I hear anything
  11. ok, Ive just found out that the rings are not identical. both people involved took another look and saw that quite a way in front of the ps they had different numbers that they had never noticed before. but my mind is in overdrive at the mo sorry if i caused a stir.
  12. Fair enough. As long as it stop others buying from the breeder, who am I to complain
  13. UMMMM can I ask how everyone knows who the breeder is??
  14. thats very strange. Ive had 2 people contact me, their birds both have the same ring number :?
  15. can anyone tell me if a parrot is has a PS.... number on their (split) ring, would this number be a different number for every bird or would it be the breeders PS membership number?
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