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  1. hi all. what do you think the drink in the wild, britta filtered water. i think not. all the best pudsli
  2. hi kev. yeah he is doing fine with his new owner. i belive he is in a cage with a green cheek, so i think he will be just fine. when i had him he also was with another green cheek, so i think everything should be just dandy. thank's for asking. all the best pudsli.
  3. hi all. not posted for a while, let the dust settle so to speak. remember Ambers Slave. well got the money, but never got the toy's back. she should have stayed in Egypt. all the best pudsli
  4. hi. treatment with antibiotics, not warm salt water. salt water for curing things is a myth. ask any nurse they will tell you. allthe best steve
  5. get a parrotlet. nice little bird, smallest true parrot, lovely coulors. not noisy,and don't need a big cage. but the bigger cage the better. all the best pudsli.
  6. hi . read this months parrot mag before you get a too. all the best steve
  7. darren brown has a maroon bellied conure. it is in the parrot sanctuary skegness. all the best pudsli
  8. hi. do not buy anything white that ends in oo. that is the advice i was given by them that know. all the best pudsli
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