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  1. You star, I have been looking for a vendor for age of happy hut. Thankyou LC!!
  2. You are approaching this the 100% correct way. I admire that you can do the civil way, if this happened to me personally I would of probably cracked and met on the street when the dog was being walked with a few chaps from the front door of the local night club, just to persuade of course I ain't got a harmful bone in me. I hope you the best in getting back your friend, I know very much what it is like to loose a dog in this manner.
  3. Choccy, that is the exact one that I got and my bird got caught in it. It has fleece material that is close looped.
  4. I always thought the word Caique was south american, but apparently it is greek & turkish. So I asked one of my friends who is a walking multi lingo dictionary and he said cay-eekee but in turkish kigh-eek. And one doesn't want to get into who said it first, especially between greek/turkish but apparently it originates from turkish. I think as with all languges have thier own prenounciation of words (Jean in french is prenounced jeawn etc...) I think "cake" is perfectly acceptable British way to say it. PS: I got my first caique on monday also /, someone told me they don't fly much they prefer to crawl everywhere... Chewy flies everywhere he/she has more energy than me so flying takes brings him/her to more my level of energy (which is sleep).
  5. Shell I did the exact same thing as you, spent lots at northern parrots 2 months ago, put it all in the cage 20 times rearranging it then I got my new caique on monday this week and Jan (the breeder) told me to put the perches low, I already had quite alot of stuff low, but in the end I ended pulling everything out that was above what he/she was using. I bought 10 metres of sisal rope cut to size for the perches I wanted and weaved them all over, (splitting the ends to tie them around the bars). Looks more like a monkey play house than a bird cage, but now chewy can go everywhere in the cage and not crash into the floor if he goes too high. Now I have a tonne of wood perches and toys that don't fit (and its a huge cage), but i'll add more and more when he/she is settled in more and remove some of the sisal when he is a little more accurate on landings. My replacement for a happy hut is: My version of an Igloo. A cake filler mix bucket turned upside down with lid on, with a burred edge hole in the side and some open fur material in the bottom. best thing about it is, I put it at the center bottom of the cage, and can put my fruit on the top of it instead of the cage's bowls. Chewy isn't that good at holding things like strawberry's yet so if he drops it it lands on the top side of the bucket. It is made out of PP so it should be safe for chewy to chew on, I could not read anywhere about PP being bad for parrots, nor anywhere about it leaching with age, and its easy to disenfect/clean. Chewy spends most of his day in there rolling about kicking toys around. (thanks for the info on the fur material, it happens I had some on a brand new disused puppy blanket that now has a bucket shape hole in the center.) T.
  6. On my search for a vendor: http://www.parrotparrot.com/articles/aa072400a.htm After my little panic with that type of fleece material I am not sure I want one anymore. I have been pondering about just building a wood box, I also have seen Polypropolyne pod for small parrots, has anyone seen these, they are called "poly pods" but again I cannot find any vendor. T.
  7. Does anybody know where to buy these, I cannot find a source for the propper happy huts. I bought one from a supplier who could not get them, so he gave me a different thing and called it a happy hut, I gave it a try anyway and my new baby caique loved it, however I heard a cry for help and found his/her nail caught in the fleece material, I Immediatly removed it. This 'new happy hut' is like a teepee tent parrot patterns on the outside and fleece on the inside. A friend of mine has a tonne of the old yellow sling type ones for his large flock of BHC's, has anyone else had this with either the 'new happy hut' the original, or material like it? T.
  8. I did think about wipedown paint. However none of the paint that I read in the DIY shop that was wipe down stated explictly non toxic, or nobody could answer wether they contained zinc or other potentially hazardous material. I got 2x plastic prints and they didn't want any money for it for some reason, guess I used my charm hehe.
  9. Don't the council or water board hold records of flooding in you area? I was looking some years ago for a nice site for a company I was working for at the time, and the only places we could find where these really nice places next to the river windrush. The units were going cheap and one of the things I saw on the brickwork was a water level line which look like it came from a flood but it wasn't uniform all over the building. However to dampen my doubts I applied for records for the area on flooding to the council (was refered alot of times to other places), and was happy to find that no insurance claims were made on this 200 year old building and no records of the banks being breached in the area.
  10. I have had them for years with my fishtanks, they are the plastic backing you put inside or outside the back end of the tank. I have a 6ft tall one for one of my old tanks that I sold ages ago, however it is an underwater scene. (I think they are called roll-a-scene's) Does anyone know of any people who print/supply generic ones I could use in theory as a wipe-down backing for the wall behind my cage? I have seen people in the US supply them but they won't ship without a cage, nor international locations. I could use a vinyl print that they use on vehicle wrap, but they cost like £200 for the print (and I have to find the photo myself) and I dont really want to go to that expense. Any ideas anyone? T.
  11. To be honest, a greyhound won't run that well after about 8 (on avg). They do love to exhaust themselves, but they don't really need alot of space to do it in. Meg our younger one used to go nuts in the living room, chucking her monkey around. They benefit more from longer walks then a quick sprint though, as you will wan't them to stop exhausting themselves out after the age of 7 or 8 else they won't live much past 12. (rear legs go amazingly fast from wear at a young age). Although alot of people don't like the idea, milk really helps them. I think that giving them a bit of milk at night and taking them more on stamina based excersizes help them live a long time. They really don't need alot of walks as they will knacker themselves out playing around the house. But the more stamina walks you give them, the longer thier rear legs will last. Unfortunatly rear legs going is the one of the biggest reasons for g/h's to be put to sleep. Thats the only drawback we have seen to rehoming a g/h. But the enjoyment that comes in giving a hard worked dog a 2nd life is what is worth it. We know a couple that have a greyhound celebrating its 20th (using this way of treating g/h). Our local vet is part of a rehoming org for greyhounds basicly she cottened us on to this way of thinking. (although family all used to work in g/h kennels).
  12. Do your bit, Get a retired Greyhound or Whippet. They are as good with children than lab's. They are very good with other animals (with a little training) ours are extremely obedient and they don't require alot of walking as some people tend to misjudge. (our old gal's cannot walk more than 200metres now though.) It is a shame what they some do to them when they are no good anymore. I have two, one is now 18 the other 17. Both were top racers, however I feel that racing is cruel.
  13. Aye, I am going to play it safe and buy an incinerating air cleaner. @@ Yes ozone strips the membrane around the lungs, thats the reason its toxic to us apparently and the #1 reason it makes people more sensitive to allergies like hayfever. (all this read from sites all over). I agree with the thought on the exposure, living in a sanitised environment is worse than living in a polluted dung heap of a house he-he. My concern was purely for my future birds though, as I am totally messed up already with years of living in the same rooms as my protein skimmers & the built in ozone generator. The information here has the most I have found in one place (but mostly with allergy & ozone): http://www.allergymatters.com/acatalog/PDP_AFAFE004.html I hope however that reassurance was not based on the old way of determining effects of toxic exposure rather than the new realized way I mentioned in the op. I used to work for a company that made anti-static air products for electronic assembly as well as webifiers for printing presses. For ages they rallied on saying there was no potential risk to the workers who were around these products for 9 hours a day... Eventually however they were forced to put a disclaimer on the product stating that ozone levels must be checked for around these products, and high yield products (like webifiers) had to be vented around people. This was because of this rethink on toxicity hazards. Caused an outcry on the factory floor, mostly because some of the people (including myself) had serious lung trouble for a long time. Cheers for the discussion matey, shed some light a little more.
  14. http://www.allergymatters.com/acatalog/Airfree_P60_Air_Sterilizer.html for example are apparently safe (due to they incinerate not seperate the molecues out of the air) There is also some information on robharvey's site about Electro-Static (ionizing) air filters (the potentially hazardous ones). People say they can breathe better with them etc... But what my doctor says is they actually in the long term hurt you more, because they remove the protective membrane around lung tissue.
  15. Hiya, quick reply!. De-ionizers I thought would be safe. I thought it was air filters that Ionize the air. I thought de-ionizers were completly different products to these air-filters.
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