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  1. I would consider it, I'd love to. I just think the poor thing has moved so many times already, I dont want to move him somewhere, him get attached to someone, then me pull him back again. He deserves better.. it's a horrible situation.
  2. Sorry..I wasn't trying to advertise him on here, just asking where I could. I'll think about joining as a chatty then
  3. :cry: Some of you may have seen my other postings before regarding Eldrick. Well, my partner and I have now split up and we have to sell Eldrick as I have to move into a small flat where pets aren't allowed and which would be unsuitable. I am absolutely heartbroken. I feel so so guilty, he's become so attached to me and I'm letting him down so badly. Edited by MadMudMob
  4. Its not for want of trying!! We put him to bed so he should get this, then he seems to wake up at abt 7 and just wait to hear a sound. The lack of lie ins is driving me crazy!!!!
  5. Yeah, we have another smaller cage in the spare bedroom, with a cover! We put him in it (which usually takes about 10 minutes!) then cover it and close the door. Sometimes, silence straight away, other times he screams until we're silent. It's like he can hear any slight sound! Then in the morning, my partner and I can never have a lie in because as soon as he hears one of us going to the bathroom he starts screaming! I would just leave him but I really worry about the neighbours. He's normally not too bad when we go out, but today, I left for 10 minutes and when I walked back I could hear him at over 100ms away! He is sooo loud!!!
  6. How do you get him to sleep though? Our cockatoo just won't sleep if he can hear me or my partner talking or anything...it's a nightmare, we have to sneak around!
  7. I'd avoid a cockatoo. We have a bare eyed and he's lethal around adults he doesn't know, never mind children! My friend has an african grey and he seems a lot calmer, I dont know if this is standard of the breed though. Good luck!
  8. Thanks everyone! We're v.proud of him, he's learning fast...cheeky little thing though! He's saying 'hello poppet' too now! Gary - that is so cool! I will try and attach some photos this weekend, will see if I can video him dancing too - its sooo funny! What are everyone elses 'toos voices like..? I thought they were s'pose to be high but Eldrick often sounds like the exorcist!!
  9. I just wanted to share this, although it's probably not as exciting for anyone else as it is for us...Eldrick has started saying 'hello' 'hello' every time the phone rings! pretty cool we think, esp. as when we first got him he was only saying 'shut up' and 'why cant you ******* shut up'. It might not seem much but it shows us he's turning into a happier more content bird, and it makes us laugh loads! I'm very proud!!!!
  10. Yes, I wouldn't advise hitting him!
  11. We got a bare eyed cockatoo about 6 weeks ago and had, and still to an extent have the same problem. He has though got remarkably better, and I think alot is trust. he was mistreated previously and although he seemed as though he thought he ruled the roost he has chilled out a lot as he's settled. I got so much different advice, and people will always have an opinion on what's right and wrong. Firstly, we wrapped him in a towel and held him for 10 minutes. My partner did this as I found it quite upsetting, and we both make cooing noises and stroked his head. This calmed him down instantly but you need to keep doing it. Its my partner who has had the main probs with him with a bit of a power struggle going on and so he did the good things like letting him out of his cage etc, and I put him to bed at night. He also understands no very well, some people think they don't..well, ours def does and he will often stop what he's doing if its said sharply enough. he used to bite and attack from flight and from the shoulder but gets told no and put in his cage...we're not as opposed to shouting as some people are and with our 'too, at present it's working. he is now flying onto my partners shoulder and cuddling him, rather than trying to peck his ear off. He also lets us pick him up with our hands around him to move him somewhere without biting. This progress has only been made in the last few days I must add, and we did consider whether we could keep him for a while, the bites were very vicious. We see him now, sometimes going to bite, and then he stops himself. And it's only been 6-8 weeks, most say it takes abt 6 months, so I think it can be done. So much patience ( and often a glass of wine! - me not the bird!) is whats mainly needed.
  12. I think I heard about this cockatoo (was it a bare eyed?) when I was looking at getting one, we got Eldrick instead though. I spoke to a lady on the phone who pointed me in the direction of the pet shop but we never got there. I feel bad now. I spoke to the owner and employees several times, the employees have no clue about parrots, the owner appeared to have a bit more but said the bird had lots of interest..(half the reason we got a different bird was because of the hard sell the owner put across, plus we didn't know that the parrot was in poor conditions and Eldricks were very poor - a shed for a year, covered up) According to the lady she was a lovely bird too, very affectionate. It's so sad how they are treated, I hope he goes to a good home.
  13. Aww!! Yeah, I've been keeping the water warm, that's right isn't it?! Would you advise just water then?
  14. Yeah, umm, this is an odd question...but I never knew the above abt wing tickling...but my boyf and I noticed he seemed to be trying to mount my hand, I thought for a while it was cute as he was trying to keep his balance (his tail was bobbing/shaking quite erratically)but couldn't understand why when I moved my hand he didn't move and just continued... I'm thinking now maybe it wasn't anything to do with his balance, but perhaps I'm being too judgemental??!! I have since stopped the wing tickling and have had a much more affectionate and quieter bird!! ..To date anyway!!
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