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  1. Welcome rabbitalot watch your eyesight on here I recently joined and cant get enough of the site lol
  2. Caligula What a photo would make a fantastic xmas calendar too lol Welcome vikky fab piccies
  3. Thanks everyone again for the welcome. vicky have sent you a pm See you all round the forums lol
  4. Hi Showgirl am in Dudley area of the west mids dont mind travelling though for the right baby have emailed lawson and a few others awaitng replies lol would be easier if all stated where they were ha ha. Right I am determined to stop reading on here and go to bed lol. Night everyone XXX
  5. I have used baby rattles in the past also lots of other baby items my Joe loved them. I also know a breeder who sells all the parts to make your own stuff but being a new member dont know about posting links here dont want to get told off so soon lol. If you want to know the link drop me a pm.
  6. Signed I understood that there was an import ban on these birds I was at a breeders in Telford today who i had my original baby from who was telling me.
  7. Hi lynne and welcome from another new member
  8. told you I was already an addict lol
  9. Thanks for the welcome Already addicted to all the lovely piccies and so badly missing my babies so any good breeders please get in touch if you have a baby to sell will also take on a disfigured one. Thanks
  10. Hi everyone Just found this site while I am looking for a reputable breeder after having a rough time and having to let my two babies go (through no fault of their own) sob sob. Anyways looking for a blue/gold mackaw or another african grey just got to watch the pennies first. Hope to see lots more piccies on the babies :wink:
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