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  1. why the hell was that thread locked? ive seen more serious allegations made over the years on here :shock: is there more to this than june/kleo and krisjvv i would have thought now there were allegations countermade that others should be responding too it should be left open?,what if you were a donator or have handed a bird into parrotcare? if it were involving anyone else it would be a 20 page topic by now :roll:
  2. :shock: Caiques are not strong fliers, as they have relatively short wings in proportion to their body size. Many people decide against clipping their Caique's wings for this reason........... from http://www.jmparrotplace.com/caique.htm from me: A CLIPPED CAIQUE CANNOT FLY ATALL,Clipping any bird may very well sort a number of problems short term but only lead to bigger ones long term,just my opinion :wink:
  3. The thread regarding funds etc can be viewed by guests and anyone wanting to post only needs to register,those who cant register as a result of a ban .............shame, :wink: this will be my final post on this subject on this forum
  4. In view of the fact i am sanctioned by parrot-link on discussing UKPR buisness on there boards these questions will be answered for anyone with doubts on ''my '' forum not here..............and no its far from a cop out its what i have been instructed many times to do.
  5. Probably means nothing, but i know how your feeling re:becks i may be a gobby cow but i do care about our pets
  6. Sorry roz but as you can all see this so far is a 3 page thread not started by me ?my name is mentioned 3 times by june in the first 2 pages before i even made a comment on the thread,yet i am pulled up for replying,exellent modding :roll:
  7. i stand corrected I take it tilley must be what 60 now?ish And your fine with her spending most of her life sitting on eggs that will never hatch............. If she lays every few months and must sit for 30 days each time? (question not statement)is that not sad?according to my poor maths she spends about 6 months of the year sitting on boiled eggs :? :?
  8. None of the abouve,seeing as my name keeps being mentioned i thought i may aswell be here to reply.Putting them in a breeding situation in the first place isnt the best idea if you dont want them to breed? If anyone else put 2 toos of opposite sex in a cage and added a nestbox and eggs were laid no one would have any sympathy for the outcome? But if you do it and call the nestbox a bedroom its fine? If you dont want birds to breed dont stimulate there desire with adding male and hen in a cage together with a nestbox attatched simple. Yes i breed or should i say i have a pair of greys that breed now and then but i dont breed from rescue birds unlike yourself and one of your staff.......keep bringing my name back to a dead thread and i will keep replying.
  9. your other babies june :?: you insist you dont breed and never have but your very own posts say otherwise, do you have enough rope yet ?
  10. And your point being Alan :?: :?: I am not questioning why you said No ~ What I am questioning is the way the child was spoken to on a 'child freindly' forum where adult members had to stick up for a child :!: :!:[/quote ok lets hear it then? how did we do that? we found out a member was a child,told them that she couldnt foster due to her age and told her to get her parents to fill an application form out? whats wrong with that?
  11. Hi Alan.h, sorry to direct this one to you, but I noticed that your are a moderator on the UK Parrot rescue forum, so could you answer this one? Or could you answer this one Vicky? we dont need to be endorsed by defra,but we do take in birds from the RSPCA yes......we dont have centres,we prefer the personal touch
  12. Take it from me - life is considerably better than no life especially if that life can be pain/hunger free. Really? all depends on what side of the cell bars you are on,as for the constant quoting of ''wringing its neck'' its a commonly used phrase nothing else,perhaps yes not a good one to use but i know how it was meant.Grab onto the phrase and keep using it after all its all you have Now i shall scurry off in shame and stand in the corner with my finger on my lips.................fannyann is right..........its pointless and going from bad to worse :-# _________________
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