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  1. Hi I think we should have a support thread for those that have had good dealings with Richard
  2. lincolnshire tonight up till 11.59 -2c from 12.00 till 9am 0c then getting colder tom no snow till tom
  3. the post i was refering to was the posts from Ann Tucker and Mick Bellamy this thread is not about breeding is it not . I will have to look at the relivent thread to make a comment or are we just trying to keep this thread going
  4. No doubt the above two posts will be totally missinterprited to suit the cause ,i see it is still the same old set of deciples with the same old comments,
  5. You want tp try ringing your best mate mr glendell on his 0844 number he charges 6p connection +5p per minute he is going to keep you talking for a few mins ££££££
  6. Tell you what David nobody like to admit being wrong and i think you may be the biggest one of the lot here . Yes improvments will always need to be made and are being so at the nps on the recomendation of the relivent parties, but not just at the nps but with us all who keep birds . If you are so sickend by the nps and their setup get of your butt and do something other than try to spread ill feeling on the net.You have plenty of land around you ,just think of all that money you could make you to could be a millionare.
  7. peter wrote One thing I've never asked, have you had any connection with the NPS in the past? I would like to know why you feel so much animosity to the NPS? You will quite likely say: One of my favourite quotes: It's none of your business. You have hit the nail on the head there Peter as i have said before at the very start of this thread it goes back years does'nt it David I'm just wondering if there could be a touch of sour grapes? I know there was one person, who was involved with the sanctuary quite a while ago, who left under a dark cloud and started spreading outrageous rumours for example birds in freezer and taxidermy. I know this for a fact.
  8. I see mr Woodbury is jumping to conclusions again you are so full of it. I suppose the birds that were in quarentine for one month as the program stated were taken out after the cameras left then put back into quarentine before they returned a month later . Or do you have another theory . Did you see the nice clean cages in the quarentine room .Over the 80 pages here it just seems to be the same old contributors .Getting a little stale now the same old questions and the same old replys
  9. Going off topic again are we .What Sissons did was wrong he has paid the price but this is still going on today but legally by the big names in the hobby but lets not start on that one
  10. The nps needs a vast amount of money as peter says food does not come cheap let alone the licence fees that have to be paid also the said inspections .No animal loses is natural instincts whether handreared or parent reared ,yes handreared may have problems adjusting but once acclimatised have no problem . And those that keep throwing accusisions out , you need to careful you may get prosecuted for slander or defamation
  11. You must be on your third warning now Gem . You cannot have a one sided argument silly you, without us supporters then there would be need for this thread and it would of long since gone .i bet you are one of those little people
  12. This is a typical example how the truths are getting chopped and changed to suit the cause .
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