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  1. hi please can you read this... http://www.harrowtimes.co.uk/news/9832445.Kenton_family_offer___1_000_reward_for_missing_parrot/ Thankyou.
  2. Hello, thanks for your reply, i received my Rob Harvey Amazon seed mix, the label on the bag lists Cedar nuts as a ingredient as does the web site, we went through the seed a few times and not one Cedar nut was in their, i emailed them on the 2nd July and expressed my concerns over the reviews i had read and i received NO email back from them, thanks for your advise, best wishes Sue.
  3. Hello in my first post it reads 2 people have lost their parrots ( on the 2 reviews on the Cedar nuts,) it really should read 1 person has claimed the death of their parrot was due to these nuts and 1 person said they made her parrot ill with respiratory problems, i have tried to correct the first post but i can not change it, i have just emailed Rob Harvey via his web site and i'm waiting for a reply many thanks Sue.
  4. Thank you for your reply yes i'm going to contact them now i will let you know what they say, many thanks Sue.
  5. Hello, i just bought some Rob Harvey Specialist Parrot Bird Feed Amazon Select, i was looking at other Rob Harvey items and come across 2 really bad reviews for the Rob Harvey Specialist Parrot Bird Feed Cedar Nuts, (on Amazon.co.uk) 2 people said their parrots have died as a possible result of eating these bought from RH as they seem to be of poor quality possibly very old, i'm worried as the seed mix i have bought has cedar nuts in, i'm not sure what to think can anyone help many thanks Sue.
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