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  1. Wow he is so pretty! And that is a great camera, beautiful detail!
  2. Ah strange strange... we were told there were 2, one more advanced and one still being handfed....<shrug> I think we picked him up the first week in July. Yoshi was really immature when we got him, he has made a lot of progress since then. Still looks very "babyish" at the moment. Anyway Pepe is lovely, really vibrant colors. Looks like a real charactar too.
  3. Hey Anita if you look on my photobucker there are a couple of photos of Yoshi and his older sibling... I think that older one is Pepe, or it should be. This photo in your album: http://s242.photobucket.com/albums/ff279/Roma1973/Pepe/?action=view&current=flashright05.06_07.jpg was also sent to me by Carl as being Yoshi but now that I compare the 2 I don't think it is. Yoshi has a lot of black feathers on his head and Pepe has none I see, even when he was little. The chick in the photo has no black at all. Interestingly enough, I believe it was your bird we came to see origionally but apparently he had sold him to you guys before we got there, so showed up with little Yoshi instead. Haha.
  4. Sometimes I think we bought a squeaking cozy hut, not a Caique. Yeah I'd say Yoshi likes his.
  5. These are WONDERFUL I had one for my Suns in the US. But please not: THEY ARE NOT APPROVED FOR AIR TRAVEL! Believe me I looked into it. It's because they can theoretically collapse. I was hoping to use it to fly them across country from NJ to CA and was told no! (god its hard typing with a caique scampering across the keyboard!)
  6. Oh good, seems like you have a handle on it. Sadly I no longer have an address in the US to use to secure the FWS permit now..... plus the guys are in CA now (sent there from my home state NJ to stay with a friend....). Its all very complicated
  7. haha exhibit A (avatar) <--------------------
  8. Hi, I moved from the US to here last year. I was forced to leave my 2 Sun Conures behind. The process is, first you must obtain and export permit from the Fish And Wildlife service. This will take at least a couple months to process and you will be asked to provide a lot of info on the bird and will need supporting docs to prove its origin. You must reside in US to get this permit, or you certainly had to when I got mine. You will have to have the bird vetted around a week before departure and have the vet fill out the correct forms. When F &W permit is obtained you need to contact DEFRA and get the import permit. They are very helpful but there are rules such as quarantine (which can be in house in certain sitiuations), vet checks, and which airports you can enter through. You must travel with the bird and no they can not travel in cabin with you on International flights. Last year I could not get an import permit due to a closure on bird imports due to bird flu scares. I hope your situation is better this time, its a long process and I wish you best of luck. I deperately miss my guys.
  9. There are a lot of cages like that... I just put the paper on top of the grill! Works fine.
  10. Learned the hard way years ago that the substrate litters are fantastic petri dishes. As soon as they get damp in spots (which they will right away) they grow mold and bacteria unless changed every day. I use newspaper too.
  11. Yeah I'm here for good. We have 2 Tiels and just recently got a baby yellow thighed Caique.
  12. Hi Paulie! My two guys are now living with a good friend in California... I moved over here last June to join my husband; I was origionally from New Jersey. I tried and tried to get permission to import them but in the end I couldn't. :cry: They have a wonderful home with her and she sends me pics and videos all the time but I miss them terribly. In fact I was thinking of getting another Sun but just couldn't do it... too sad.... so we decided on a YT Caique. Suns are wonderful aren't they? Really just so full of life, loving, and no-nonsense birds!
  13. My male Sun would charge my bare eyed Too while on the wing and knock her down.... :shock: He liked the tiels very much though, but then again he grew up with them. My female was not agggressive with other birds.
  14. He's beautiful! Hope my little guy will look that nice when he grows up.
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