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  1. Hey Merry Christmas everyone! Alfie seems to push a lot of his food straight out of the bowl all over the floor. Is there anywhere that sells a 'spill proof' bowl?. Something with a sort of lip so it cant be pushed out? Thanks
  2. Typical, should have asked here instead of listening to someone who supposedly knew what to do. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Hi I have a pair of orange winged amazons which have bred this year and produced one baby! I was told to take it out when it was 12 weeks old... which ive done this morning, to hand feed and tame. But I cant get it to take food, from a syringe, and I'm worried that I'm stressing it out too much! Is it best to keep trying or is it possible to put him back in the nest box and let mum finish her work? Not sure if they will attack now or not? Thanks
  4. Hey I want to get Alfie a new toy... but something different that hopefully wont break after 5 minutes lol Any ideas on good toys? Maybe a sort of puzzle or something? Cheers
  5. oops only just seen this! Thank you very much, I had a good birthday
  6. Thanks for the info. No a magnet wont stick to it. The colour is a sort of grey and white patchy, unfortunately they don't remember what it is
  7. I have just been given a very nice bird bath from a friend and want to have it with my amazons outside. However its a bit old and the paint from inside the actual bath has peeled off to expose the metal. I have cleaned it all up but want to check if there could be any harm in the metal!? Im not sure what it is, just know its very heavy and has no rust! Thanks
  8. Thanks, ill give that a go as well I've had this virus for over 2 weeks now and apparently there is no medication to help it.... very annoying!
  9. Hey I have this nasty virus which is going around at the moment and have been advised to put vix on my chest etc... i just want to make sure that the fumes from this wont affect Alfie my macaw, before I go rubbing it on! Thanks
  10. yea mines a big corner cage as well. Lazy birds! lol
  11. Hey Alfie my macaw clambers around his cage and rubs his tail feathers agaisnst the bars. They get messed up and he doesnt seem to straighten them out or clean them! He gets showered everyday and has a nice big cage. Is there anything I can do to encourage him to sort himself out!? Thanks
  12. Thanks a lot for the advice, i shall keep going and fingers crossed he will get it
  13. yeah he is fine with stretching his wings, hand over his head etc. Its when I actually go to put the harness over his head, he just flies off
  14. Yea Ive got an aviator. Been following the tips for a while now, letting him play with the harness etc but its not going anywhere
  15. Hey Im trying to harness train Alfie so he can have a good fly around outside in the sun. Its not easy though lol. Has anyone got any tips to maybe make it a bit easier? Cheers
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