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  1. How soon do you take nest boxes down.After pulling babies for handrearing.How do you do this so it doesnt stress the birds out to much. :?
  2. Hi vicky sorry to get your hopes up.But i just thought some one might be intrested in them.
  3. been on ebay today.typed to look for breeding parrots.And there were cages for sale.A bloke in hampshire has got a set of six galvanised parrot breeding cages.starting bid £14.99.Worth looking at.
  4. Well done vicky your greys look in good nick.They must feel well looked after now.I dont think your a show off.You should be really proud of yourself.Hope i can get my parrots in that condition when i get them.
  5. Awwwwwwww your so lucky what a lovely birdy you have
  6. Hi lisa thanx for the offer.Im happy enough with the parrot picture that i saved from you.thanx again.
  7. Hi helsekia and max a big welcome to the forum.
  8. Hello jenny and welcome to the site.
  9. Hi lyn hello and welcome to the site.
  10. Hello alun and welcome to the site.
  11. SORRY! :oops: Welcome to this great site.
  12. Hi ian.g walcome to this great site.
  13. Hi jems-g welcome to the site you will find loads of good info about every thing you need for parrots.Not long been a member myself.Im hooked.The members have been nice to.Good luck on your aviary.
  14. Hi lisa thank you for a warm welcome.Your daughters look lovely in your photo section.You have a few pets aswell.I liked the photo of the parrot to.I have saved it and put it in my pictures.
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