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  1. its believed that she is, but not a tea cup (bread for compactness) more like popi out of the recent film beverly hills chihuahua http://images.allmoviephoto.com/2008_Beverly_Hills_Chihuahua/2008_beverly_hills_chihuahua_wallpaper_002.jpg she was bought off a lady that didnt want her anymore, i think she was meant for breading. talking of which I was watching animal planet wednesday and was a special on puppy farms in USA, made me cry, so sad and awful
  2. oh its a pic i took yesterday of goldfinches in the snow in our garden lol, yes iggy is irresistable i have wanted a french bulldog for ages and he joined our family about a week ago, ruby is a chihuahua shes my sisters and no longer a pup but miss bossy britches lol. your pups are so cute!!
  3. Was just feeding my caique these and thought Id post a pic (its funny how bored you get on snow days lol) Im right in thinking ive read that as soon as they start to sprout you use them as they contain the most nutrients? - wish i had as good a diet
  4. adorable and theyre play area is fab!
  5. thanks net, jooles, madmudmob and pottys mum, we're just so lucky to have so many people dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our feathered friends, I know i dont come here much but i like to drop in to say hi. thankyou ♥
  6. ahhh i was on the wrong forum board - blonde moment thanks LC hope you had a nice holiday and new year x
  7. ta madmudmob - i couldnt see it anywhere
  8. hmmm not sure I bought him from a reputable breeder on here and he was sold as a pure yt caique, it is dissapearing slowly, you can see the orange bits comming through? we'll see, it makes no difference to his beauty, perhaps your right
  9. Im sure some of you will remember us and our story from last year, my caique who had his wings clipped the day he was taken to new home etc I thought I would update you on his progress - I cant find the original thread it may have been deleted so I started a new one, i hope you dont mind me posting here but this is where all you folks were that helped us out. Cheeky is doing great, the day he came home he ate and ate and slept alot, he tried to fly a couple of times but soon got the idea that he needed help, he manages to get around ok, we pass him over to where ever he is learning towards, usually he runs around on the back of the settees and over the computer desks where people are sat usually, back and forth jumping and whistling his merry little tunes - what a great bird. He and I want to wish you a happy new year and hope you all had a great christmas, big thanks to all that helped xxx ♥ xxx ♥ xxx he still has quite alot of black on his head considering his age (2 years this year - may)
  10. When writing my first post here i was being very resigned as the bird was not home, however he is now safe and i can express how horrified i was at the news he had been clipped on the day he was taken to his new home, the guy thought it was necessary as he apparently flew into a window, which he never did at home. he apparently was making noises all night, which again he has never done but i know this is a different situaution and i cant make any assumptions as i wasnt there. the fact that he rang me the day after to say he wasnt settling and wanted to bring him back i was shocked as in its been like 1 night and you've butchered his wings, but also i was very nice and calm as i wanted him back here first. when the bird did come back he arrived without his hatching certificate i gave him the day before and argument broke out between him and my father, my dad was quite upset as he also loves the bird and has bred budgies himself in the past and is a bird lover (thats where i got it from). it was resolved as i wanted him out the house asap and it wasn't healthy for birdie either all the arguing. whilst he was here though he told us he didnt have a bank account because he has lived in uk for only 2 days (hes canadian/canadian accent), something that totally conflicts with what he said about having an aviary full of birds he has aparently trained to be quiet - hes a behaviour expert - and that he also works for the ministry of defence aparently ?? anyway birdie is safe and sound his wing clip is 2 full wings but is very neatly done thank god for small mercies, today he has been whistling like normal and eating fine, he has been rubbing himself (as caiques like to do on towels etc) alot so i got a bowl of water and he dived straight in and then dried on the towel and sat with me for the warmth and to dry. He is definately staying i am not risking anything like this ever again with him, poor baby has been through enough i think, i wanted somewhere with more time to play because i love him very much but maybe i was panicing over nothing i just wanted him to have a great life he deserves it and right now i think that is right here. thankyou to everyone for your help and support once more i think i got like 7 hours sleep in past few days and if you would like more info on this story please feel free to contact me individually. Its scary that people out there are so misinformed and are deluded enough to think that they are experts on the subject of parroty care. he was so convincing though he even told me information regarding the natural habitat of wild caiques etc when i first was speaking to him, i guess maybe he knows alot less regarding the care of hand reared birds. I do hope he reads this thread as he truly believed he was doing the right thing and would not be told otherwise. thanks to all, god bless, liz xx
  11. rubytoo that is an awful story, theres some strange people out there, im so glad hes home hes eating, drinking and making a few normal noises although a bit quieter than usual as hes tired, hes such a good bird, and so playful, i just wanted him happy he more than deserves it. but as you said as it wasnt very long time away, although traumatic, he shouldnt be too bad i hope, we'll see. I'll just have to super spoil him for a couple of days lol.
  12. hope you and yours are ok tomorrow, what a day huh x
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