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  1. agree a bad one,makes my mouth water just thinking of papaya lol
  2. really handy to know as i have often wondered if it can be frozen,its a firm favourite here too
  3. that makes him a 2005 bird which would from my guesstimate be about right,i estimated he was 3-5
  4. a grey looking at the ring closer (its pretty damaged) it looks to of been anodized green
  5. excellent thankyou very much,would love to find out the age of this bird hence my quest to find the breeder!
  6. yes it is a closed ring,not sure if its green or blue as its very worn but has the first three initials being MAS
  7. I'm trying to locate a breeder from a ring number,is there a register of all breeders or am I barking up the wrong tree?
  8. she is stinky,smelling of cow chit lol but happy to be home,her owner is over the moon,I'm just so glad it turned out with a happy ending and the fact that I now know someone local to me with a parrot is a big bonus!
  9. Now reunited,she was found this morning tired and hungry in an old cow barn )
  10. thanks,we have heard the bird twice today,once when the lady was with me and once before she arrived to check it out,so many trees and pigeons to watch out for that spotting that red tail just isnt easy!
  11. yes the owner has already got posters up there,mr chitty is excellent,flyers all round andover,posters up at local vets etc,column in the local paper and mr haytrees details have been passed to the owner,she is of course frantic with worry ;o(
  12. Not one of my birds but have been speaking with the owner today. approx 1 year old african grey female,last seen sat 8th the day it escaped,escapee bird very very tame
  13. yes please do I'm not too far away from her either would be lovely to have some parrot chat
  14. choccy that is strange isnt it,maybe your mam would like a cuppa tea and some parrot chat sometime? lol
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