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  1. Cool. I give palm nuts occassionaly and Gucci really enjoys them. I admit to not studying her with them closely, so I don't know if it's the flesh, or the seed inside that they eat, either way, it all vanishes and they do seem to enjoy them.
  2. Thanks for all of your replies so far. Obviously a topic with relevence seeing as our summer is how it is so far.
  3. Hi all. My 'normal routine' is to remove Gucci the Grey's fruit bowl every morning at around 8 and give her the daily fresh stuff at lunchtime take it out at 8 am next day and so on. Well, this morning her fruit bowl was a disgusting mush of fermenting soup! In 19 hours. Maybe the extremely hot weather together with the extra high humidity caused by the thunderstorms contributed or not, I don't know. But I do know that for the rest of the summer her fruit bowl is coming out at bedtime without fail!
  4. Hamzah, I've had a read through your posts and I can see two things. 1. You're 13 years old, and behave like a 13 year old. Thats good. But just try to remember that many people here are much older than 13 and you'll need to post messages that us oldies understand, just ask the questions that you would like answers to, without the fanciful teenage embelishment. I'm not disrespecting you, everyone here is helpful, but many have kids of their own to deal with and just get uptight finding that when they escape to here for a while, they still find themselves faced with deciphering what a youngster really means. That's not your fault, it's ours, we are just ancient. 2. You do love your birds, thats also a good thing, so, try to let your head catch up with your typing fingers sometimes, and I'm sure you will get as much help and/or advice that you need, in a more than friendly manner too.
  5. LMAO rubytoo! I only just noticed the pun! MMM was far to quick for me! :lol:
  6. I did to, but I traced the pic to a birdwatching forum and the guy that took this one had a cpl of others of the same parrot taken on thwe same day around bedford. You never know though, you can do most things with photoshop and make them look real.
  7. It's about 78 (ish) miles by road, about 50 'as the crow flies' but it would mean flying right accross london so I doubt if a parrot would get that far. Still anything is possible.
  8. I've just been having a google-a-thon for parrot pics and came accross this one. It was taken in Bedford in 2004. Anyone know if it got reported here as lost at around that time, or if it ever got back home. Bet the chances of ever seeing these three birds in the same tree again is millions to one.
  9. On Thursday (25th) night I went on a local bird listening trip close to my home in cambridgshire. I was gobsmacked! It was awesome! First I went to a farm about 5 miles from me that I had heard about on the grapevine. Got there around 8:00 pm and at half eight I heard it! Blooming amazing! Common quails singing, I couldn't believe my ears, never heard nor seen one in my life. I had no idea that common quails still visited us. A lovely little song, kind of a melodious 'wick-wickwick'. I then moved on to the 'nene washes' about 15 miles away, and waited and waited until at 10:30 pm I heard it, a corncrake! Brilliant! Only heard one male singing, and only a couple of 'crex-crexes' ( no competition from other males I suppose? ), but still worth. During the evening I also saw, and heard, a cuckoo, watched a barn owl hunting, and got a fantastic view of a little owl hunting through the road side hedges. I was as pleased as punch!
  10. Not sure if the link to this gem of a movie has been posted before. If so, then I appoligise. http://www.birdforum.tv/action/viewvideo/1546/Parrots_In_The_City/ Entertaining documentary of the wild quaker parrakeets living near miami beach in florida. Added - Just noticed that if you click on 'Birds' in the 'choose channel' bit above the video there are a load of bird videos including the Derby peregrines. cool!
  11. LMAO! Exactly! How dare you fall asleep when your birdie has more important things to do. :lol:
  12. Cool! A female stag beetle! Lucanus cervus, brilliant. Let's hope you get to see a male now that you know they are around.
  13. It's great to hear of you guys branching into the chicken thing. Anybody with the space and time should go for it. When I was a kid almost everyone had a couple of backyard hens, both in the towns and out in the country,and for many of us it was our stepping stone to bird loving and keeping. They are cheap to keep, very undemanding, and absolutely perfect to wean your kids into some form of 'animal responsibility' with the most delicious dippy eggs and soldiers as their reward.
  14. Brilliant anecdote Liono. It is just marvelous how our birdies get fun out of mimicking ( in their own way ) actions as well as sounds.
  15. lmao jemjem! I'm not so sure that they understand what they are saying, but they definately know when to say things, and always at the right time for them, not for us. :lol:
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