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  1. no way was it my vincie lol must be anougher one it certianly not my baby
  2. rocko is lovely great pics to
  3. lol hmm im not sure vince moves and poops but so does bez but maybe vince is a vincella lol
  4. yeah here to both vince and bez do it all day must be an african grey thing lol
  5. realy sorry hope you start to feel better soon i have seen you with your birds and im sure there was nothing more you could of done to this little thing xxx
  6. yeah he went to a realy nice family my hubby did lots of work with him to he was realy nice but just hated all my other birds
  7. my hubby is decided to buy one of those huge bird lights cages for me as soon as i told him he would be making one lol so i think it should be ok for them im hoping
  8. no cags are in the front room with me the birds are completly seprate to them my smaller birds are in a room of there own i dont let them out anywere near the cags in case of them getting onto there cagse and having little feet bitten
  9. oh thanks everyone some good sugestions there three ladies it would be for cockatiels bugees canaries that sort of small bird not my cags lol they would trash anything i think i might have a go at making my own then it can be made sort of to suite the birds it cant be that hard im hoping i just have cages al over lol and i would love for some that are friendly to be mixed together so i can watch them flying around the birdy room when i am relaxing with them thanks mm ill take alook through that link
  10. any one have any idea were i might get one at a good price some of thes eprices on line are unreal and i tried ebay no luck i would like to put some of my smaller birds together in one of those indoor brid aviarys in the bir room think it will look lovely
  11. lol she isnt acutaly mine shes my hubbys brothers he got her when i got vince but is working away at mo she is staying with me im talking him into letting me keep her as she is loving it here with vince he is leaning towards me buying her now off him
  12. speak of embarrasing did it just today and hubby kindly told me had noticed whil out but didnt want to embarrass me so he waitied till i got home THANKS NICE ONE not lol
  13. i have wood sandy and cement ones in there cages the cement ones are realy good for keeping nails trim vince never needs anail clip bezza does but she doesnt use hers as often as vince although i do keep them lower then the others as i dont like them perching all night on them i heard they can hurt there feet if on them for long streches
  14. a little off subject my parrtolets ate my s key on laptop have to press the little nobbled inside it now
  15. wow didnt think of all these things defo want my baby boy off there then coudnt bare to loose or have him become ill by swollowing something
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