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  1. Brilliant pictures!!!! Yvonne makes fantastic stuff for parrots!!! I have a treat cage too!
  2. I think we all have understood you do not mean to buy one now. It is just that from your post it seemed they are easy and good pet.. and people including me, felt the need of giving a different opinio.. just in case in the future people that may want a toucan as pet get to read these posts, they may get a wider picture.. this is why I have felt I wanted to post my opinion. I apologize if he sounded to direct or rude.
  3. It is my opinion that the main difference between large parrots and toucans it that Toucans cannot use their beak to climb. I think parrots will be able to amuse them self in an environmentally enriched home setting where they will be able to climb and move easy in rooms, including walking..... for a Toucan would be much harder as, to fly, they need a larger space due to their balancing need for the beak, they cannot play as parrots do, they cannot climb... you really need a huge rooms to match their need to keep them as pets properly. Regarding the wing clipping and rescue birds.. well I have a totally different experience from yours and I have to say that I am really surprised of what you told about the rescue. I do not mean to be polemic, I am just giving an opinion.. you can keep as pet many many animals, it is about how happy they would be not only how nice and easy they would be as pet.. Toucans may are good pet, they are not aggressive, they are not to noisy or noisy at all and they are beautiful, but what quality of life are they going to have, really? I have edited this a few times, I hope I have expressed correctly what I mean, without sounding too direct or rude!!
  4. May I say most american keep birds wing clipped... what I mean They have a very different concept of bird keeping and welfare than here in UK, if you have in mind Toucan beak you must understand which would be their problems when caged!
  5. Happy Brithday to youuuuuuuuuuuu Happy birthday tooooooo youuuuuuuuuuuu Happy Brithday Rubytoooooooooooooooo
  6. Id did happen to me too.. I have had fishes for years.. we moved house and after a few water changes in the new places they became ill and died!!! I am sorry to hear about your fish. We were told the may be some differences in the water pipes could have been the reasons as fishes are sensitive to minerals in the water too and if there are old pipe they may leave metals in the water in small quantities for people but big ones for fish!! Poor thing! So sorry I cannot help with more info.
  7. Ohhhhhhh that is real sweet!! I wish Pepe would get on with other birds.. as he seems to dislike every other parrot he has met!!
  8. Would you send me the link to yours too elle, please?
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