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  1. I tried that last year David. The food and treats were left. Do you think I should ONLY put the food in the indoor section? It is dark in there though... After over 10 years you would think these clever little creatures would know I would never hurt them and only try and help...
  2. One more of them bonding with the chicken... Why is it they love the rabbits and chickens but not me?
  3. I am sure you know but they were having a shower in the last 2 pics...
  4. I may have found out how... Aviary: Pic of Jude's damaged wing: http://i47.tinypic.com/ibkwpc.jpg[/img] Another: http://i45.tinypic.com/2wremxf.jpg[/img]
  5. Thanks for all of your replies I have tried doing that with them but they eventually just go and stand on the back perches (giving me a large hint). There is heating in the other section but they absolutely dont go in during the winter. In fact they only go in when the female lays eggs and when I go into the aviary! I feel sick at the thought of them being wild caught! I just went out and took pics of the aviary and will try to upload it now (probs wont work though) Actually I have no idea what to do. Do the pics have to be on a hosting site?
  6. I already cover the front section with a weather-proof blind that I velcro the sides of so there is no gaps - still super cold though.
  7. No because it is at the top of the garden, my garden is in 2 parts and fenced off. I am in the process of designing a purpose built, massive aviary that will span the whole 23ft width of my garden. This wont be completed by this winter though as I need to save a considerable bit more...
  8. I am desperately in need of help and advice. I have had my two orange winged amazons for about 10 years now. I got the second as company for the first when it became apparent he did not like human company. Both birds came from a terrible place and I thought that eventually they would become more friendly, when they realised they had a loving 'mum'. The second parrot (a female) has only one full wing, the other is at best half a wing and she cannot fly. I got them a large outdoor aviary filled with branches so that the female can climb around, I feed them a varied diet. They eat and drink well and are happy enough to be left alone. When I upgraded the aviary my vet came out to catch them and check them over. Due to his ineptness or the total terror of my parrots he was unable to complete a full exam but said the wing problem was more than likely due to a bad wing clip before I had the female. It was so distressing for my birds (their screams were terrifying) I didnt push for him to continue with the exam. So they dont like humans at all. They tolerate me going in to clean the aviary and feed them, but they move into the indoor section when I do. Because only one can fly the one who cant will get spooked if anyone goes too close to the aviary and will attempt to fly but crash. Because of this I tread on eggshells around her and dont let other people go close to their aviary. Winter is a terrible time for them and I am not happy with them staying out all winter. I couldnt possibly bring them into the house into a tiny cage as this would be unfair on them a) because they hate humans and because they are used to having a lot of space. They do not go into the inside section of the aviary at any other time - preferring to stay in the colder outdoor section. The first parrot injured his toes last year and I think it was due to the cold. I am considering buying a playhouse/shed structure to place close to the house where they have no option but to be in a warmer environment, with eating that wont escape and a safe place with more room than a cage. It means I will have to get the vet to catch them again but I am willing to put them through that if it is going to be better for them. All I want is what is best for my parrots and it breaks my heart that I never feel like they have everything they need. I know I have waffled on but my main questions are: 1. Would my idea concerning the playhouse/shed be a good one or am I just being stupid? 2. Is there any way of getting them to be more friendly? It has played on my mind that they would be better off with someone who knew how to better provide for them but then realised not many humans would want parrots who gave them nothing back. I feel so helpless.
  9. Hi I just thought I would let anyone interested know about recent developments. Jude has shed all of the feathers from the second section of the wing in question. So he now has literally half a wing. I have a vet coming out on Tuesday to check both of them over. I really hope this isn't the result of a bad wing clip. But it seems he will never be able to fly. I just hope he isn't in pain. He doesn't seem to be as he still loves to stretch out his wings and flap, especially when having a spray bath.
  10. Thanks for the replies. In the 4 years I have had him he has never had so few feathers on this wing. He was very young when we got him (6 months or less). The feathers seem whole although some still attached look like they were cut. When he spreads his wings the one side is fully feathered and the other has lots of gaps. He has tried to fly but crashes. He eats well and is very vocal, especially at dusk and dawn. I live in Rowley Regis, West Mids (by Dudley). They let me go in every day to feed and water them and also give them a spray bath, but the sight of anyone else scares them so much they try to flee. While the female can fly well he always crashes and I am so worried he will hurt himself. Simple tasks like cleaning out the aviary are just so frightening for them. Yet they love the company of my other animals and don’t mind one bit when the rabbits sneak in the aviary for a play. I stupidly thought I was helping them when I took them home. I knew nothing about parrot care and now realise just how silly I was. They will need to be caught because I want to replace the aviary as soon as possible, and I would have great peace of mind having a vet look at them.
  11. I have 2 orange winged amazons which are kept in an outdoor aviary and are not at all tame. The male parrot has always had less feathers on one wing and cannot fly. He gets about by climbing. This morning I noticed that he is losing more feathers from the already sparse wing. I know nothing about his past as I got him from the most horrendous place where they didn’t care at all about the birds. I’m pretty sure he was clipped and maybe it was a bad clip. I have had him 4 years now and neither of the birds are particularly happy with human contact. I would love to get them both checked over by a vet but there is no way I could catch them and I know they would do themselves an injury if I tried. I don’t know what to do. Could someone please advise?
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