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  1. we have got some grey chicks that we kept back from last year and we have 4 males and the feathers around the vent are all red and one female and hers are red with grey tips... so maybe it is right have never heard of this method before.
  2. Have been to see macey (the one that was out for 4 nights) again today she is much brighter and alert today not quite so vocal as usual but not surprising after all those nights out in the cold she is making pigeon noises so maybe they have been looking after her... Pepsi who was out for 24 hours is fine back to herself but making a sound like a crow.....
  3. we had a call this morning from a lady who had found pepsi in her garden and she only lived a stones throw away from where she had escaped from luckily she was only out for 24 hours and macey who had been out for 4 nights was spotted a few times on an industrial estate not far from her house and found today in the next village at a play area where there were lots of children, we have seen macey tonight and she looks very tired but has been eating and drinking loads she definately would not have lasted another night out in this cold though thats for sure. Dave (her dad) called her and she flew straight to him she was as cold as stone when they got her home but has warmed up now and her first words when they got her back were give us a kiss.... ha ha
  4. we cant believe it i know there not my babies anymore as they have new owners but i still worry about all of them that we do, you get a bond with them when you hand rear them well i do maybe im just soft... we are going to visit them later just to see with our own eyes they are home
  5. a miracle has happened and both birds have been found and are back with their owners safe and well!!!!!!!!!!!! not sure how they survived the cold weather but they did and all concerned are very happy. Thank you for the positive posts.
  6. thank you for that, we have covered most things she had a few silly text messages from kid probably and today had a call from an older man to say he thought he had seen her near a factory not far from her home we all checked for ages but didnt see any sign but we spoke to the security people and they said they would keep an eye out, it could be either of them as they live so close to each other.
  7. a bit but my story just gets worse im afraid we had another phone call today to say that another one has escaped and she was only about 24 weeks old, again one that we hand reared we feel really deflated now, not sure what to think, as breeders on this forum will know you put so much into rearing them time and love i mean and they all have their own little personalities it just breaks your heart to think of them out alone and scared to death,
  8. Fantastic news im so pleased for you, glad to hear he survived the cold weather.
  9. Our friends grey escaped on friday too and they have had no sightings of her since she went its really hard to stay positive with the weather as cold as it is and them not knowing how to get food in the wild but there is always the hope someone will take them in and then see the posters....
  10. there hasnt been any sightings of her, it is a friends bird but we breed it so its painful for us too, we do double ring our birds with a mobile phone number on one ring so hopefully if she is found we can be contacted. We have been out this morning for 5 hours looking and put up 80 posters so fingers crossed, its the weather and having no food thats the worrying part.
  11. still no sign of this grey have put loads of posters up and phoned local radio, just have to hope she survives this cold weather.....
  12. A friends african grey escaped today in the midsomer norton area (near Bath) the bird is double rung with a mobile phone number on one ring. anyone in that area please keep an eye out. thanks :cry:
  13. wow the leadbeaters look stunning, wish i knew your secret for breading them.
  14. well they could be bred locally as the person cadbury buy from buys most of the chicks in from all over the place. maybe were to soft with ours but i dont like the thought of my babies being put into a van and transported for miles...
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