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  1. Talking of bras, Aggie likes to 'help' me to get dressed. Twice, without me realsing at the time, she's bitten almost through my bra strap. Some time later at work my bra strap has pinged. 'Has anyone got a safety pin? My parrot's eaten my bra strap' is apparently not something you hear every day, but I think it's a perfectly normal , run of the mill thing to say. Anyone here think it's odd?
  2. Happened to me too. I did the usual flyers, informing RSPCA and so on. When we were out searching early morning it occurred to me that it would be useful to print up some cards to give to people we saw with a picture of Aggie and my phone number. I got sheets of cheap blank business cards from Staples and was printing them out when I got the call to say Aggie was found, so I don't know how useful they would have been. I also thought of asking local posties and milkmen to keep a look out, as they're around early morning. Fingers crossed Ellie's found soon.
  3. Thanks Flakey. We think we've made the right decision in a timneh. Now we've made it I can't wait.! I want one NOW!! I remember the wait between choosing Aggie as a baby and her being ready to come to us, and it seemed endless. I guess the right bird will come along at the right time though, and patience is supposed to be a virtue.
  4. Thanks MMM, off to do more reading.
  5. We're looking to get parrot no. 2 (we already have Aggie the CAG). We're thinking of a timneh, and have been doing quite a bit of reading up, but still have a few questions if anyone's around who knows the answers: Are there any breeders in the northwest, or within handy reach? (I live in Cheshire) Is there a breeding season? Any idea what the going price for an older parrot is? I've looked at a few adverts, mostly old ones, and the prices seem to range from £250 to £600. Thanks in anticipation
  6. Fortunately, when our CAG Aggie went missing recently, she was found after 48 hours. An idea I had, and had just started on when Aggie was found, was to design some cards to hand out to people we saw when we went searching - to children waiting for the school bus, dog walkers, milkmen, joggers etc. I bought some blank business cards from Staples and had put on a picture of Aggie and a contact number. Another idea I had, but didn't do, was to ask the local sorting office to put up a poster so local posties were aware - they are out and about at dawn. I also spoke to someone who takes in found birds until they're returned to their owners, and he told me to look for crows and other birds which look like they're mobbing. Edited to add: I was told that the mobbing is just to warn away from from the other birds' territory, not to hurt. I hope you have as good an outcome with Piff as we did with Aggie.
  7. Aggie back safe and well. She flew into a lady's porch, about a mile away from us, and landed on her head. Aggie's hungry, thirsty and exhausted, but otherwise OK. Oh and she's also very smelly.
  8. No news yet - we've just got in from looking, as it's gone dark. Panic's gone away now, and I'm starting to feel I can get organised with working out where to put posters up, and who else to contact and what else to do. Tried to put an ad in the local paper, but in the panic to get home when I'd heard Aggie had gone, I'd left my bag and cards in work, so couldn't do it over the phone.
  9. Lost from Cuddington near Northwich in Cheshire, Aggie escaped today at lunchtime. My husband popped out to the bin, without realising she was just behind him. So far he's reported her lost to the police and the RSPCA, He's gone out looking with binoculars and her favourite treats, and I'm about to make some posters up for local distribution. Just printed off MMM's lost/ found info thread and will work my way through that, but I'm still in shock, I raced home from work when I got the call, and am not sure of what's the best order to do things. Is there a handy link, anyone, or can someone recommend the best things to do next, and in what order, until I get my head together to work through things sensibly? Many thanks Edited to add - there will be a reward - but do you think I should put this on the posters, or does this encourage crank calls?
  10. I'm not usually a fan of 'dummies' books - just don't like the layout. But I obviously made an exception and bought this one as it is about parrots! What I particularly like about this is that, unlike a number of books I have read, it acknowledges that customs in Europe and the USA are different when it comes to wing clipping. The author, although presenting the 'pros' of wing clipping like many an American parrot book, also presents the cons,and also the pros and cons of flight. She also states that she personally is pro flight, and that the USA is slowly starting to move towards the Europeans' view. I think this approach is much more likely to change people's thinking than getting into entrenched arguments. (hope I haven't started another one!)
  11. Stormbird, we'd thought of doing something like that, but our kitchen scales are about 25 years old, the cheapest Argos could provide even then, and aren't conducive to any alterations. :roll:
  12. Thanks Threeladdies, I'll investigate doing that.
  13. Does anyone have any tips on weighing ? When I took Aggie (CAG) to the vet recently (see ear infection post) the vet suggested that I weigh her regularly. I know this is good general advice, but was something I hadn't got round to doing. The vet said it would have helped if I could have told him for definite whether Aggie had lost weight or not, so I've decided to start a regular weigh in. Aggie doesn't like our kitchen scales, and the scales in Northern Parrots are v expensive. Any ideas?
  14. Aggie whistles 'Ring of fire' taught by my husband, who's a Liverpool fan. Apparently this will mean something to Liverpool fans, but as I don't really do football, it escapes me.
  15. Avian vet said they're not very common - but having said that Aggie had one, so I suppose it could happen to any bird. Also just have to share that as Aggie's one year old in a couple of days, the vet did her first annual check up, and said she's a well looked after, well adjusted parrot! I feel so smug, but also need to thank the forum, because although I haven't posted much, I visit regularly, and have had so much advice from you all. So thank you everyone.
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