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  1. Hi, Just want to know, is there a way of changing my username? I really don't want this username anymore Thank you x
  2. I think I read somewhere that it was Aspergillosis that killed him, and that he had previously battled it before too.
  3. I'm really sad to hear this, I was reading about Alex only a few days ago. He was an amazing bird... R.I.P Alex xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  4. Ps the budgies are still getting on really well together, Elliot has settled in like he's been here forever, and my mum is convinced he is a girl lol
  5. Sammy is doing really well with training. I reward him with sunflower seeds as he loves them. 9 times out of 10 he will fly to your hand if you call him, same goes with stepping up. Still having a little trouble with stepping down lol. He has also decided he loves grapes, beetroot and cherry tomatoes
  6. Sammy is eating too many sunflower seeds, i'm not worried about the fat content as he is only a baby, i'm just woried he isnt consuming enough of other foods as he picks all the sunflower seeds out and leaves the rest. Should I limit the amount of sunflower seeds I give him?
  7. Well as I said I have a license and I can get a vet check certificate if need be. Does anyone know the average cost to take a parrot on board though?
  8. Can anyone give me some advice on whether I could and how I could take my CAG on a 50 minute plane flight to Southern Ireland. I have a license I can print off, but I dont know if he would be quarantined or how much it would cost to bring a parrot on a plane?? :?
  9. I think I will use this thread to also talk about and share pics of my budgies, I have two at the moment but that will soon be six! Here is the newest arrival, Elliot: http://i214.photobucket.com/albums/cc100/Mel4Billy/Budgies/DSC01746.jpg (edited to leave link for pic as image is a wee bit large for the forum. Please see https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/index.php?topic=23223.0 - thanks - LAM)
  10. he's definitely done something anyway, and yes he does look fatter lol but he isnt fluffed up and he certainly isnt ill. Think he's just showing off lol
  11. i dont have a pic of the new budgie on my photobook, the light coloured budgie is billy, the other very dark green budgie is a friends bird. but as you can see from the pic of billy, he is very light, but he has rapidly turned darker green since yesterday, but only on his body feathers, not his wings or head/face. its very weird lol
  12. This is going to sound absolutely crazy, but since getting a new friend for my budgie Billy, he has changed colour!!! He was a very very light green colour, some would yellow with a green tint, but since getting the new budgie Elliot, who is bright yellow, Billy has turned darker green! When I first put them together yesterday I was laughing because they looked quite similar, now they look nothing alike! I dont understand how this is even possible?!?! :shock: :?: :shock: :?:
  13. I think he said his first word today! And he is barely older than 14 weeks! It was early this morning, around 7:30am, I was im bed and just leant up to have a look at him, and when he saw me moving he did a series of chirps and 'oooooh's lol and then I heard what sounded like 'Hello' in a very parroty voice lol. I know African Grey's are great mimickers but is that the case from the very start? I'd imagine their first words would sound quite parroty? :?: Either way, I was so excited lol. Also, I dont know whether its coincidence or not, but anytime I put my hand up and say 'come come' or 'come Sammy' he flies down onto my hand. It's happened almost every time now so I swear he's already learnt what to do
  14. Sammy has slept on perches for the last 3 nights now so I doubt he will go back to the bottom of the cage. Making more and more progress every day, he seems to be able to pick up things really quickly and he already knows what I mean when i tell him 'No'. He's also making new noises now (he was previously just doing chirps and squeaks lol). Today he sounded like a noisy owl lol. Everyone in the house adores him and he gets so much attention. He isnt at all fussed by my 4 dogs (although I dont let them come into contact with him) but if they come close he doesnt flap or fly away, he reaches out his neck to them lol He's the best
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