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  1. I know leeds, notts and york too far to travel at moment, one near sheffield would be handy
  2. I need to know any avian vets in south yorkshire - urgently please. I have been given a number in rotherham to book with a Mr Taylor but it keeps ringing and ringing and i need to take my pionus. any help appreciated
  3. Yes ive been reading about conures and ive visited both your sites... There so cute..............
  4. Thanks MMM She sadly had a heart condition but shes in birdie heaven now.... Il check the threads :!: :!: Fank yoo!
  5. Hello im Wosie i mean Rosie, im 22 from Chesterfield! Sadly i lost my Rosella Cake a few months ago - shes been with me since i was 10! Im looking to meet new friends and buy/find a new baby to suit me. im not after a large parrot like a grey or macaw but a smaller one to give lots of luff too as i need to fill a gap thats missing! any tips or suggestions are VERY welcome cheers <3 <3 <3
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