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  1. Lost from north west leicestershire the bird is an aviary bird and cr.
  2. Sorry for being a tad late! Didn't the last remaining spix macaw pair up with an Illigers?
  3. An hour or two :shock: i work slow lol and need tea every half hour or i down tools hoe about £450 :wink: :roll:
  4. I have and do work in newark :wink: how about £475 bargin
  5. :shock: :shock: £800 bloody hell ! I'll do it for £500 lol
  6. :shock: 30 mtr roll 1"x1/2" £45 in the cage and aviary. Why do you need to close them up at night? some of my flights have an open fronted shelter, your flight looks like it is sheltered enough (apart from the roof.
  7. What about pre made panels for the porch? i think pets at home or somewhere like that will do them.
  8. Your flight looks nearly complete,i've just started a new block of 8 :shock: but only had time to dig out the footings :roll: From what i can make out you need two 6x3 panels meshed plus a roof panel to make the safty porch, somemore t+g and some clear plastic sheets it's not a difficult job it looks like the hard work has been done :wink:.
  9. I can now get the aluminium in different colours
  10. Ok i have heared back from a supplier (not the one i want to use) there prices are not as cheap as i would like but still trying to srew them to the floor on price. :wink: A pre drilled panel 6x3 with center bar,all the connectors and rivets will work out around £26-28.
  11. I'm willing to make them if your willing to pay the carriage :wink:
  12. Fingers crossed should have some prices in the next week or so,just waiting to hear from the suppliers.
  13. I'm kind of past the thinking stage now. i think :? just got a few more things to work out.
  14. Hi dwj yes this is easily done instead of only drilling holes in one side for the rivets i would drill all the way through.
  15. The connectors are made from nylon and are very hard wearing. I have used this system to make cages for myself so yes cages are a possibility.
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