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  1. Thanks I will try the savlon, applied with a paintbrush to save me fingers I think!
  2. Does anyone know of anything that I can put on charlies scab to stop him picking at it? I have been putting aloe on it as that has a bitter taste but he still keeps taking the top off it. Is Tea tree oil safe for parrots? I have also read that human savlon can be used on birds is this true and has anybody used it?
  3. Nope, none although perphaps wound is the wrong word more like a scab now but he keeps picking off bits so you can see raw skin no blood or infection! I use valley vets in cardiff which many recomend on this site however - mark the vet they talk about has become practice manager so I saw their other vet who said hes been treating birds for ten years!
  4. Just to say I had a Forsythia in the flight of my canary aviary, they loved it, before they killed it! I never got to try it with a parrot but all canarys and babies remained in good health! Dont know if that is any help
  5. Thank you- did you just copy and paste it in like photobucket??
  6. Paulie, i know it will take a while but how long did it take you to get your baby back flying? He looks amazing now! Thanks for the tip about the calcium, I havent liked putting it in his water and hadnt seen other types as have always used calcivet for henry- you think the vet would have offered the same advice! Thanks
  7. Hi eveyone what a great site! , already posted a question before I saw this newmembers area- opps! Its in the General parrot questions bit and is about my TAG! Im Vicki,22 from south wales with a TAG Charlie, who i have just taken on and a CAG Henry who i have for part of the year while my grandfather goes to france! Ive just finished uni (graduate in july- with a bit of luck!) and plan to spend me summer getting Charlie fit and well so all advice is gladly taken!
  8. I think ive done it! So you sould be able to see a few pics of Henry who is my grandfathers CAG who I have for part of the year while he is in france and charlie! Will try to get pictures of charlies back so people can see his sore!
  9. Thank you have already picked up loads of info just by reading old posts. Am uploading pics as we speak, so you can see pics of a sory looking charlie and his new cage- thanks for the instructions wouldnt know what to do otherwise!!
  10. I have taken on a TAG about 3 weeks ago, he was given to me as a 15year old feather plucker whos owners could no longer cope with. Charlie, arrived soaked in some sort of chew deterent that made him look like he had been in a oil slick(they told me this had been prescibed by a vet, we, myself and my vet are not sure what it is or that it has been given by a vet- its too horrible) Does anyone have any ideas to get how to help get this off? Misting daily is helping! he aldo had two very nasty wound/sores one on his back one at the base of his neck and one up in his arm pit which they did not know about! I have been changing his diet which guess what was nearly all sunflower seed and no fruit or veggies! I am slowly with hand feeding getting him to eat a more varied diet am aware this could take awhile, he is on feather up and calcivet (which my vet told me can be every day for a while?) He has new normal feather growth which i am pleased about but is still very itchy (no mites and has not plucked a feather with me) and keeps picking at his scabs even though i am applying aloe vera they have healed slightly. The vet is concerned about these wounds as he has experienced this twice before with two other greys, one has now died and with no cause every being found, bloods, PMs and skin scrapings gave no clues, so he wants me to continue as we are at the moment and go back in a month for bloods etc if no improvement as charlie is great in him self at the moment very chatty getting a lot more active. Sory this is a long post but would be grateful for any advice, or prior experiences that may help even if its somthiing that a can use to stop him picking his scabs Thank you
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