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  1. her brother has now left to go on hoilday to so the job of trying to find the bird is left to me, i just hope he is found as is getting cold outside again poor little might fingers crossed that someone will have found him and taken care of him thanks for you help
  2. hello please help my neighbour is on holiday and her brother has managed to loose one of her birds whilst moving them to his friend in stanford essex,the bird was lost in burnt mills this is in the basildon essex area , if any one find him please contact me many thanks on any help this bird talks his green with red neck black ring red beck thanks for any help on this
  3. hi thier just reading about treats and training, i have given my cag mini cheaders broken up in very small bit sized bits, so one makes up lots of treats and this works really well when we have play time my other parrot like them too
  4. my dad soaks bread and rolls for the birds, my son age 7 made a very nice mixture of lard and seeds for the birds at school yesterday very nice got to let it set then we can put it out hope they will like it keep feeding them
  5. hi sue wishing you well! i am at home at the moment with my little boy who has got swinflu and its not good at all we have been qurantined i just hope my birds stay well hope your better soon
  6. hi thier and welcome back i have feed my bird on harrisons and its very hard so i used to poor boiling water over it to soften it but thats is now a rare thing as mine now all eat a varied diet including loads of fruit and veg and good seed but only small amounts mind
  7. hi debbie, i have got cag who is a one person bird, occasionaly he will let my son but its not always good as he will give him a nip, i have also got 2 amazons one that will sit with anyone that gets close enough to the cage for her to hop on. and the other one hates me but will let the men of the house very close, but she has got better as we have only had her for a few months now i feed them and clean them out but it takes me a long time to get her back in the cage as she was a rescue it makes it really hard for her/us as i dont know her past but time will help good luck with him
  8. i am so pleased that its all gone really well for you this time, have just read this dont no how i missed it, you have all done a grand job A BIG CHEER FOR ALL OF YOU xxx
  9. nia my two amazons have spent all day today on the bottom of their cage ripping the paper to bits so must be in the air lol , but its funny to see cos they hide under it too or at least that what it looks like to me
  10. my kids always use disney/kids cartoons films to name our pets we have got a cat called cleo form pinocio, we have also had gunie pigs called bella. millo, fiz and jake the tweenies , we have got loads of tropical fish and all of them have got names starting with pinky, perky, cindy, barb, goldie, pettal, flower, rainbow, crystal, stripe, stripes and lilly their are loads more too
  11. omg its going to busy at her house if they all hatch, and if they doo sucseed please let us no up date would be greatful
  12. thanks for the messages guys most appricated
  13. pets corner, local wiltons and they have pretty bird african conya, amazon+ also tropican lifetime granules, tiddy mix+ extra peppers and tidy mix soak too
  14. yep def the peper me get some good combos here regards the colours of food going in lol
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