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  1. im also about 40 mins away from you and would help you out if needed.
  2. hiya sorry i havent replied to this post i have had problems getting on to the site my mother has decided to give it another go with patch so im afraid she isnt up for rehoming no more. if anything should change i will let you know.
  3. Patch a collie x needs a new home she is 6 years old white with black patches,she has been spayed,she would be perfect for an elderly couple,farm or for someone with no small children as she hates small kids,she hasnt been with other dogs often so i cant really comment on what she is like with them.she is walked for at least 2 hours everyday so this would need to be continued,she also loved her bones she has about 4 a week. she loves being outside and would spend all day out there if she could,she is a very loving dog and would let you stroke her all day,she is my mothers dog and the reason she has to go is because my mother has 3 granchildren under 3 who are there everyday and like i said she doesnt like kids,she has nipped my son 4 times but she is great with older kids for eg;9+ she will not go to a home with children under 9 so im not being harsh but dont bother asking if you have small kids, if i have missed anything out then please feel free to ask me anything either on here or my email is sarahelliott22@hotmail.com heres some pics of patch,
  4. i think the one your on about is on herehttp://public.fotki.com/ParrotMutations/macaw_mutations/
  5. i starter this topic and i want to appolagise to jackie because it is quite obvious that the lady who gave cooky away in the first place is lying to me
  6. im sorry for starting this post i just felt really sorry for whoever she is as she asked me to help her if i had the messages she sent me id show u but i deleted then bout an hour ago im sorry to the people who rehomed him for rakin this up hope you understand, why is she being so silly if he is happy
  7. just read my emails again and the first mail said the too had a desiese and the second said that the house where the bird was at there birds have a desiese so they gave the too to a friend
  8. the person who fosterd its birds gave the too a desiese
  9. its on preloved,ukclassifieds,guah and someothers i personnal dont know this lady but something doesnt add up
  10. it is the same bird thats why im confused at her wanting to rehome it if she hasnt got it
  11. i dont think she wants to come on her self but this is what her last message to me read Thank you for your help. This all started last year when i put a topic up in the forum of P*****s. I did not state then that its a temporary home for Cooky as i had recieved some fostering offers of which i accepted one. But now they had a disease in their home so gave my Cooky to their friend 6 weeks ago who is saying that she wont give him back to me. Iv tried to talk and sort this out but they are not listening. The police has said that this is not a crime matter as there's no theft. So il have to take them to court. Am very very sad its confusing me because she is advertising still for a foster home even though she doesnt have the bird Edited by MadMudMob as I felt it not necessary to mention another forum by name
  12. thanx i think i might mail the lady and get her to come on here and then she can tell everyone her self
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