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  1. catscharmed


    Hi guys sorry I not been on for ages. I had some sad news this week I lost Alfie to a heart attack on Saturday and Bob to kidney failure last night. The vets says I should think about changing willow a grey and charlie a sennie to a pellet diet. My question is which one? Please help!
  2. catscharmed

    Meet Willow +update on Willow

    Willows been here 3 months this week its gone so fast. So i thought i would give u all a update. The teaching her to step up was a no go she keeps flying away and working her self up. She will step up on a food bowl so we can put her back in her cage. so i decided to leave her alone and let her do things in her own time. The last few weeks she been landing on our heads, and when we put ours hands up she goes to bite us. So we have been using a cushion instead. which she steps on then flys off as we put it on our knee. well last fews days she been staying on the cushion and walking around it and looking at me. LAST night we got a brilliant break through. a few times we held the cushion up she flew on to it from the java tree Then she landed on my head so put the cushion up for her to step up on to. has i put the cushion on my knee she turned her back on me and just stayed there so i thought i would try to give her a tickle. She seem to really enjoy it but looked confused at the same time. She them flew off and a groom of her self. Then flew back and we did the same thing again but this time she kept turning her neck has if she wanted it in a differnent place. For about hour this went on with her flying back and too. In the end she groom her self on the cushion So fingers cross when we let her out later she does the same thing. Talking wise she still doing her phone and now copies our house phone. and she still making loads of sounds. the other day i was in the middle of feeding them all and while i was putting Charlie food in i had my 1st small conversation with willow. willow > hello me> hello Willow Willow> what you doing (1st time i hear her say it) Me> giving Charlie his food Willow>oh and last night the other half was in the kitchen with the door closed. The java tree is near the door so she flew over to it and starting looking at the door. (She a nosey little thing) . She started saying what u doing to the door. So i said clever girl Willow. Then told her to call him. Then she started doing the tuting sound we do to call animals over it was soooo funny. We had to put a lock on her cage has she nearly learn how to open her door. And i having to look for a new toy for her. at the min she as nut barrel which she opened straight away. and a toy box with toys in which i have tied up with leather knots which she has already worked out how to undone to get the toys out. This is my daily job picking the toys up and trying differnent ways to tie the knots. She also has a spoon with a ball and star at the end of it this is her fav toy she looks attacking it and she sounds like she being murdered. so if anyone has any ideas for a toy that she will have to work out please let me know.
  3. catscharmed

    Meet Willow +update on Willow

    Hi guys thought u might like a update on Willow. She seems to be settling in great been here a week now. She making her way around her new bigger cage getting use to were her toy box is and loves throwing them out of the pot. She loves time out and playing on the java tree or cargo net we have set up. She does the sound of a telephone ringing. which is different to Alfie ringing phone.( none of which my house phone sounds like) Alfie is now doing Willows phone sound so we waiting for them to do it together. She started to say Hello on Friday night which was a total shock. She flew out of her cage landed on the Java tree and just started saying HELLO HELLO. She also sounds like she trying to copy our dogs barking. She tells me off in a donald duck voice anit a clue what she saying but it sooooooo cute. I am having to teach her to step up at the moment. She wont step up on to my hand at the moment she will step up on to a food bowl if i have that in my hand otherwise she goes for me so slow working on moving the bowl away so she has to step on my hand to get nearer to the bowl. She lets me pick her up if she lands on the floor and i can stroke her back and belly. So I dont think we doing so bad for a 1st week.
  4. catscharmed

    advice please

    Hi Guys. Has u all know we lost Ozzy my sennie last month. :cry: Well after talking to my other half i have manage to talk him in to letting me have another parrot. But he does not want another sennie 8O We already have Charlie (Sennie) that we rehomed 5 yrs ago. He anit handed tamed he does have time out of his cage. and goes back in when he ready. he use to have time out with Ozzy. We have Alfie (a/grey) that we rehomed about 3 years ago. he will only come out when he feels like it which is very rare. We also have Bob (a/grey) that we rehomed 5 years ago. He would rather attack me rather than look at me. He only has eyes for my husband. Ozzy was my baby who i got lots of kisses and cuddles off once she finished with Charlie. anyway we are thinking of getting another parrot either another Grey or at the min i thinking of a amazon. I want a baby this time as i think i have done my share for rehomes (nothing agaist the above 3 i love them all for there funny little ways including the evil bird Bob) My questions are 1. what are Amazons like. 2. other than the colour of them is there much differance between them. 3. are they harder to look after than a grey
  5. we picked her up yesterday and bury her in our garden. I now planning of having a tattoo in her memory. Richard was really nice i would recommend him to any in the manchester knutsford area. he said she didnt have a feather out of place and took him a while to find out what had happen the only clue he had was her feet were white. her weight was spot on and all her organs were ok. Its only when he did a blood test he found out why. R.I.P my little girl.
  6. the vet Richard has just phoned me back............. Ozzy was a little girl (we always called her him we never had her tested) :cry: :cry: Richard said she was in brilliant condtion and a good weight. He didnt name the condtion she had but said he had only ever seen it in 4 other birds. he said for some reason her white blood cells had attacked her red blood cells and she only had 20% left. he said it would have happened very quick and we would not have noticed till it was too late. If we had it would have been treated like a cancer. it was weird why i was on the phone talking to him i could hear a bird at the front of the living room. I know it werent Charlie Alfie or Bob has i was watching them, and they are at the back of the room. Fly free my little Girl :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  7. Thank again guys. just spoke to a vet at Gauntlet Birds of Prey Centre he was very helpful and he wants to do a pm tomorrow. he said to leave him at the bottom of the fridge. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
  8. catscharmed


    I am writing this with tears in my eyes.............. we have just notice that Ozzy our baby 5yr old sennie has flown free to the rainbow bridge .......................... he was happily playing before went out shopping and have come home to find him gone at the bottom of the cage. we will miss you are little friend, u can now play and fly free with all your new friends asking tem what they are doing and giving them all your kisses.
  9. Thanks guys. we just rang a emergency exotic vets and spoke to some lady who anit a vet and all she said was bury him in garden, and once we got her to understand we need a post morton doing she said to leave him in the freezer at min he in the bottom of the fridge.
  10. has i write this i have tears filling my eyes. we have just found Ozzy my sennie dead at the bottom off his cage. He was my 1st parrot and very much loved. always playing and shouting what u doing........................ the question i need to ask and hate having to ask, i know i have to get a postmorton (sp). i have just trying ring the insurance but there closed now still monday. my 2 question are what do i do with his body and do i have to take him to a bird vet or can i take him to a local vet? please help........................ FLY FREE MY LITTLE BABY BIRD. ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS AND NEVER FORGOTTEN.
  11. catscharmed

    How did she do that?

    my mum budgie is in a budgie cage with the very narrow bars, and my mum says she always manages to squeeze throught the bars so she can go in conure cage and eat his food then when she finished will squeeze back in to her cage till next time.
  12. catscharmed

    I joining the work force

    Thanks guys, the parking was great the car park was empty i just arrive one hour to early so say in the car and read the newspaper. all i did to day was sit in a office while they read every thing to us and i had to signed it to say they had read it to me. was there for 4 hours. start proper on friday at 8am.
  13. catscharmed

    I joining the work force

    My CBR check came back last week. I start my new job tomorrow i have my induction. I cant wait just got butterflies......................................... about parking the car in Sale town centre. I hate parking and got to park in a muti story which i anit done in years.