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  1. http://www.cyberquail.com/ try here i got very good adevice from the people on the sight hope it helps
  2. i am glad its not just charlie that chats for ever i voted 6hr it would be more if his bedtime wasnt 9.
  3. oh thanks for your quick reply i was a bit worried thanks again
  4. can anyone tell me how much african grey should eat,had charlie a week now and he does not eat near as much as paddy my senagal, he does eat but i dont think he eats enougth.
  5. thanks oh i forgotto say charlie is a african grey.
  6. just got charlie 2 days ago hes starting to settle in now he was very nervice but is slowly getting calmer hes 10 months old had his wing clipped can anyone tell me when he will get his feathers back it seems so cruel as when he tries to fly he just hits the floor and im scared he will hurt himself,thanks for any imfo. oh and by the way paddy is getting used to his harnes.
  7. thanks for your advise i will try the harnes again and if she wont take to it i will put her in a cage outside as shes never in her cage indoors i could plase it by my aviary so she can still talk to budgie.
  8. i tried harnes first for a while but she got so stressed and i couldnt stand to see her so upset, so ive found the lightest chane i could find she doesnt try and fly when its on now and when i pic it up she comes staight to me and waits for me to put it on,if you think i shouldnt use it i wont but i wont clip wings nither i will just take her out in her cage.
  9. finally got my phone fixed so i have now added more pics paddy had great day yesterday helping me bake
  10. hi my names mandy and i live on the wirral merseyside i can help with boarding for holidays for your little ones.i have got a bird room were the birds can have piece if they want,also spare cages incase they prefer being with people i also have just finished an big outdoor summer cage for those birds that are sun worshipers. if you need any more info just email me, tedtilly@yahoo.co.ukthis is the new summer cage.
  11. my cockatiel are so clever they have just hached there first egg thismorning por pearl looks very tired but pip is running around like the proud dad ,ive made shore theres even more eggfood as well as everything else in the aviary for them is there anything else i could do for them.
  12. yes ive been to see him hes lovley ive put a deposit down and asked would he mind him till end of month so i can go and visit every other day so charlie can get used to me , i would hate to uppset the bird more than nesasery. he is 8 months old i was wondering if it would be possible to change his name once i find out how his caracter is if charlie soots him i will leave it at that.
  13. thanks ive made her another one she loves it as soon as i get my phone sorted out i will post some pic.
  14. hurray ive finally done it few that took ages hope you enjoy photos will post more wen i take them just learning to use new phone terible tecno phobe . im realy excited im going to vew an african grey tomorrow hopefully he likes me so he can come and join are loveing familly hope paddy likes him also .
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