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  1. i got in april for my birthday as you can see he was in bad condition. i care for him myself but my brothers and my parents hold him i have a dog :!:
  2. i am 12 and i just bought a fat ball for my cocketeil spike but my dad said it was a bad idea. is he right. :? :? :!:
  3. news on spike this morning- he seems ok but I think a bit less lively than normal not surprising I guess from last nights trauma. there appears to be no new bleeding and the blood from the smaller wound seems to have dried up,however the blood feather is very dark bluey purple -dont know if this is normal - can anyone shed any light. How often does this happen and is it common to have a bleeding feather or two?thanks
  4. Thanks for that its great to have someone to ask when we are so unsure.will keep you posted
  5. its so difficult to see which one it is,if we pull it out and we were mistaken and it wasnt bleeding would it damage him. Also the place that the feather that looks like it may be cracked is right next to the skin so we are afraid we may try to pull it and break it off causing more damage - I hope this makes sense. at the moment the bleeding is very slow there is no dripping of blood and he is content .can anyone tell me if it may heal itself is this the time to use the cornflour?Thanks
  6. we have been monitering spike for the last hour as we have been worried that there is more than one feather broken.he has been sitting calmly on me and is drying off .he has not been bothered like he was previously,however we have just examined him again and think there is another break somewhere possibly a smaller one which is pushing a much smaller amount of blood out. Does anyone know if we should try to pull this one too or should we leave it to heal naturally bearing in mind it is not dripping out just a slow seep. All advice is greatly appreciated thanks so much everyone who has helped us we have been quite distraught by the whole thing.
  7. managed to locate broken blood feather with some difficulty as there was so much clotted blood and between us have pulled it out cleanly.we are now waiting to see if there is any more bleeding. could it be more than one feather broken? we have not yet applied cornflour do you think we shouldif we have the blood feather out?thanks.
  8. having trouble locating the blood feather its matted with blood. can we spray wound with water in order to find which feather it is it is really bothering him and we are worried that he may start bleeding heavily if we dont sort it out.thanks.
  9. CORNFLOUR DRY OR MIXED? The vet said that this might make him scratch more there. Just looked closer with a torch and it looks like a feather has been stabbed by another one i.e. a 1/4 inch bit is at right angles to the rest of them.
  10. Our 5 month Cockatiel has suddenly started bleeding from around the tail feather area. I have read the link regarding extracting a damaged feather but don't feel confident. I am also finding it difficult to identify the damaged feather- any tips. Is it essential to remove this feather immediately (the bleeding seems to have stopped but he is irritated by it and kicking his foot backwards) or can I monitor the situation and deal with it later? I phoned the vet who said leave it and it will clot. Any advice urgently wanted.
  11. Spike seems very happy ,less scratchy,loves crawling around on us still a bit bedraggled.Hes eating well and as said before one can only assume he is drinking. Can any of you tell me what size cage would be best for him bearing in mind we will probably get him a friend? His cage is massive at present with the bar space probs but we will rectify this soon.He is such a sweetie,he likes to peck at us which doesnt hurt at all does it hurt when they get stronger beaks? Bye for now.
  12. Thanks for all the advice/ concern.Spike is eating well and we can only assume he is drinking(although we have yet to witness it).I think he looks better already and has plenty of company from all of us. We will buy a new cage very soon which will make him feel more comfortable.He has yet to sample any of the greens we have provided and we have been wandering in the meadows for some wild dandelions but no joy there either - perhaps the menu is to varied from what hes been used to. He is still scratching but not as much so perhaps the vet giving him the mite medicine has helped. He has also found his voice and is chirping quite frequently now.It even seems as though he is responding when we chat to him. All in all I think feathers are up! TTFN
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