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  1. thanks to you all for your support but i have given up someone knows something a bird that size just don"t disapear not everybody is honest in this world i just hope that if someone has him they look after him and love him as much as i do (if thats possible)
  2. hi just to let you know sad news for me the sighting of my baby in marham turned out to be a crimsom rosella. we went over there yesterday and the ladys garden it comes in has took some pics. Not much difference in size/ colur is there. does anyone know if DD has been found?
  3. hi my macaw has been missing since 17th june and iD just about given up when last night a lady from maram raf base phoned and said he was there screaming high in a tree people was trying to get him, she had to go as she was going on holiday for two weeks she came back asked if anyone had caught him they said no so she phoned us and said she will advertise him on the base and the shop which i thought was lovely, so anyone out that way knows of anyone finding or seeing my baby please. has DD been found yet?
  4. thanks for all your replys but a big bird like that can"t go un-noticed i"ve had a big ad in the paper with a pic of my baby stating a £1000 reward for his safe return and still nothing. it"s such a shame i ordered him in may last year from chris mason and he took ages to be fully weaned i waited so long then when i got him in october it was love at first sight now this happens i am so upset.
  5. STILL MISSING GREENWING MACAW my baby of 13mths has been missing since 17/06 thats 4weeks today i have done everything i possibly can to try to find /get him back even offering a £1000 reward for his safe return, he seems to have vanished, i have to try to accept the worst that he is dead what else can i do. how can he still be out there he was still such a baby my baby, he won"t surely be able to fend for himself.
  6. thanks once again to you all but no-one still has"nt seen or heard him since monday nite where is my baby all i do is look and hold on to my phone day and night
  7. thanks for all of your concern but last nite we saw him in a tree there were lots of people around which i told to go but in the end my bird flew away, we found him again not too far away he was in a tree near a crows nest i stood on the top of our van and called him the crows were attacking him so he flew past me with a crow following him. today theres been no sighting nothing could the crow have killed him and how long can he go without food
  8. please can u all look out for my treasured bird, lost sunday evening we live in wisbech cambridgeshire, he is only 13mths old and our other blue/gold is missing him to the point she"s not eating any sighting please cntact 01945 481059 or 07766517962
  9. hi i have four macaws 3 b/g 1 g/w the greenwing i got from chris mason from a baby but i"d already b/g which i brought from the forum. the other pair i got last week looking at the hens ring it is the same as my first b/g i brought! does anyone know who this breeder is please as it would be nice to know where they came from? RING NO. PPB then dob. W thanks
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